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He Said, She Said

By: Sarah Greiner

As the fall learning community season is coming to a close we wanted to share some of the comments we’ve been receiving about the impact PLI is having in the lives of leaders. I felt alone. On an island. PLI encouraged me, gave me the courage to step up and be the leader our church … Continue reading

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Can we say Thank You?

By: Jock Ficken

Allow me to say Thank You to you for leading in your role. Thank you for serving and caring for your congregation and people that don’t know Jesus and for whom Jesus extended His arms on the cross and died. Let’s be honest. Leading is difficult. Oftentimes lonely. So, simply, for who you are and … Continue reading

Will the Next 10 Years be the most Fruitful?

By: Jock Ficken

What does it take for the next 10 years to be the most fruitful 10 years of your leadership life? Like last week, it will include… Necessary Endings New beginnings A “not so easy” journey through the Muddled Middle or Neutral Zone Do these well in your church? Change gets easier. Do these well personally … Continue reading

You’re in The Pit: Three things to do while you’re there.

By: Sarah Greiner

So, you’re in the pit. That spot in life and leadership where things unraveled or took a turn you didn’t expect. You ask, “How’d I get here?” Your spirits are broken and your vision seems unreachable. Yet, God meets you in the pit with an invitation to build something deeper, stronger and far better than … Continue reading

Wrapping up 2017

By: Jock Ficken

We have six questions to help you wrap up 2017, and a short video that we thought you would enjoy. For many of us this is the week that we try to slow down, catch our breath, recalibrate our energies and rest a bit before stepping into the new year. Here are six simple questions. … Continue reading

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Crazy Hope

By: Jock Ficken

Leaders need hope to lead and congregations need hope to venture forward and navigate change…hope to enter into new mission territory. No hope? No action! And the bad news is that harsh realities crush hope! I think it’s one of the reasons that leaders consistently are impacted by any of the PLI learning communities because … Continue reading

Impact of PLI 2017 Infographic

By: Sarah Greiner

A Blessed Thanksgiving to You

By: Jock Ficken

Gail and I want to personally express our thanks to you and also wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. It’s your leadership that’s helping reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our missional community met on Sunday night. It’s fairly new. Just getting started. We had some new people we had invited. It was a … Continue reading

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A Word of Thanks to You

By: Jock Ficken

I want to say a word about #GivingTuesday and the Washington, D.C., multicultural learning community. But first a word of thanks to you. Thanks for being in the PLI family! Gail and I are so encouraged by you, your stories, and your heart for the Mission of God. Here’s a simple report and an even … Continue reading

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Why Not Lead with Saying Thank You?

By: Jock Ficken

Congregational leaders need to be bold masters at graciously navigating change! It’s essential to faithfully living out the vision that God has for your congregation…or people will never be touched with the love of Jesus! Members prefer to cast their vote for “no change” and champion the elusive status quo…until they realize the enormous short-sightedness … Continue reading

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