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Archive for the ‘Navigate Cultural Change’ Category

Do the Important Stuff

By: Sherrah Behrens

“WOW! THERE MUST BE SOME REALLY GOOD STUFF HAPPENING HERE!” That was the response of a couple of leaders attending the conference our congregation hosted some years ago. Several years earlier we had jumped to a multiple campus ministry and had now built the first phase of the new campus where the event was being … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Invite 10 People

By: Jock Ficken

PLI alumni have been hosting Regional Catalyst Events for us in their areas, giving members of the PLI team a chance to listen and talk with people. (We shared some of our discoveries a few weeks ago.) Again and again, we see folks leave church every Sunday knowing they are “Now Entering the Mission Field,” … Continue reading

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Benefits of Pruning

By: Jock Ficken

It’s no secret that the Church in the U.S. is struggling and declining; it’s been well-documented in many places. And it’s no secret that this places enormous pressures on pastors and their families and their congregations. But… What if much of what is happening in the church is a season of pruning? And it’s a … Continue reading

You are a Leader

By: Jock Ficken

Remember the joke? It’s an old one. I heard it again twice in two months, in Ethiopia and then in Columbus, Indiana. Two guys are walking barefoot in the forest. They meet a bear planning his lunch. One guy starts to put on his running shoes. The other explains: “You’re never going to outrun the … Continue reading

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3 Non-Negotiables for Congregational Change

By: Jock Ficken

Every day, leaders wake up knowing that their congregation must navigate change or distance itself from being a vibrant community with wider influence. Here’s the problem: Inertia wakes up even earlier every day and has already resolved to fend off any feeble attempts at desperately needed change that would challenge the status quo. So, here … Continue reading

What You Can Do if You Think Your Church is Failing

By: Jock Ficken

80% of U.S. churches… Worship less than 100. Face steady to rapid decline. Possess collective memories of being 2 times or 10 times larger. Leaders and members are taunted with the whisper that they’re failing. Usually today’s realities were set in motion years earlier by… A stubborn refusal or inability to make necessary changes for … Continue reading

Why We Can’t Stay Here

By: Jock Ficken

Leaders articulate vision! They offer a preferred future. They also articulate WHY WE CAN’T STAY HERE. My early leader years? Lots of vision! I ignored WHY WE CAN’T STAY HERE, and then I couldn’t understand why nobody wanted to leave…HERE! I was like Moses trying to convince the Israelites to exit Egypt before anyone realized … Continue reading

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Stating the Obvious about Discipleship Today

By: Jock Ficken

Nehemiah stated the obvious: The walls are broken down. Jerusalem is at risk.Noah stated the obvious: Repent; it’s going to rain.Nebuchadnezzar stated the obvious: I’ve got the world by the tail. (But it was a short-sighted assessment that led to his demise.) Here’s my attempt at stating the obvious about discipleship in today’s churches. Most … Continue reading


6 Ways to Capture Hope and Courage

By: Jock Ficken

How to Capture Hope and Courage when Both are in Short Supply If you want the people you lead to experience new hope and new courage, it starts with you. It always starts with the leader.  Simple Truth: If you want to see a transformed ministry, it starts with a transformed leader.  Ask any of … Continue reading

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Opportunity Often Exists on the Far Side of Adversity

By: Jock Ficken

Gail and I just finished reading the story of Joseph in Genesis. It’s a great example of how opportunity often exists on the far side of adversity. Joseph is set up with his brothers as his father’s favorite Lacking humility Sold into slavery Wrongly accused of rape Forgotten in prison All of this happened before… … Continue reading

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