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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


Life is better connected. Connect with others to experience life-giving community and build authentic relationships. We have several learning communities. Find the best fit for you.


We provide a number of resources and materials to educate both our participants and the general public on effective leadership principles.


Interested in how PLI can impact your ministry? We'd love to get to know you and learn how we can empower your ministry.

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The Real Measure of your Leadership

By: Jock Ficken

What if the real measure of your leadership was not all that was accomplished within your span of influence (count: worship attendance, offerings, buildings and programs built, etc.), but the … Continue reading

3 Non-Negotiables for Congregational Change

By: Jock Ficken

Every day, leaders wake up knowing that their congregation must navigate change or distance itself from being a vibrant community with wider influence. Here’s the problem: Inertia wakes up even … Continue reading

10 More Tips for Young Leaders

By: Jock Ficken

Last week I wondered what a new season of vibrant, mission pioneering might look like with the young leaders of today out in front following God. I offered 10 tips to … Continue reading

10 Tips for Young Leaders

By: Jock Ficken

If God chooses to usher in a next great season of mission and vibrancy across U.S. churches, He likely will use the young leaders…the filled-with-the-Spirit Joshuas (Deuteronomy 34:9) of today. … Continue reading

Urgent? Or Important?

By: Jock Ficken

Parish ministry for me was always punctuated with the urgent and the important. It was an easy call for me. It was the so called “tyranny of the urgent” that was also … Continue reading

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Leading with Integrity

By: Jock Ficken

An Interview with Diane Bahn Diane Bahn wraps up an incredible run leading with integrity on the PLI team as she retires this month. I recently sat down with her … Continue reading

The Clock is Ticking

By: Jock Ficken

The clock is ticking down on 2020. Most of us would say that it couldn’t come too soon. And most of us would say that while taxed and tired, our … Continue reading

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Meet Young Leaders Alex and Rachel

By: Jock Ficken

Gail recently sat down to record an interview with two gifted young leaders to share with our advisory board. Alex Stoll works in corporate finance and is completing 1,000 Young … Continue reading

Leadership Essentials 2021 Midwest // Immersion 1 – Virtual

By: Chris Hensley

Location TB

Don’t Let COVID-19 Control Your Church’s Future

By: Jock Ficken

It’s difficult not to! Right? To not let COVID-19 control your church’s future? We get it. It’s overwhelming. We get bad news coupled with confusing signals. It creates uncertainty. And … Continue reading