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Leadership Essentials ministry leadership development learning community


Healthy ministry leadership requires a solid foundation of essentials to lead well.

Grow your ministry leadership skills to effectively lead your organization with influence, and a pastoral heart restored for your passion and your relationships!

Designed for pastors and ministry leaders (regardless of your tenure) and their spouses, our Leadership Essentials learning community offers the time and safe space to learn in community with your peers. We provide the biblically-based tools and leadership skills to lead in your own context toward a stronger, more hopeful future for you, your family, your congregation, and community.

Through our Leadership Essentials pastoral and ministry leadership training you’ll become equipped with skills, applicable tools, and actionable plans specific to:  

husband and wife seated on a cushioned bench, in an open field with the husband having an open bible in his hands


One size does not fit all. Because you have been called by God to lead for the sake of the Gospel in your family, relationships, ministry and community, you have unique leadership needs.

Become a secure leader

Your identity is challenged in almost every leadership moment. Recognizing who you are in Christ is essential to being a secure leader.


Leading from your individual strengthS

Lead out of who God made YOU, your unique gifts, passions and strengths. Set aside who you think you should be or the skills you see working for other people.

Marriage in ministry

A beautiful yet complex relationship, marriage is a gift and so is ministry. Name the challenges, nurture your unique marriage and ministry together, and discover what it means to be a family on mission.


Change is difficult because we fear what we might lose. Leading through change for the sake of the Gospel takes love, patience, commitment, and a sharp focus on the mission of God.


Making disciples a focus of your ministry organization may be simple or a monumental shift but one worth pursuing.



Ministry organizations need a Spirit-led vision for direction and growth which requires strong cohesive leadership to create, communicate and sustain.


PLI’s Leadership Essentials pastoral and ministry leadership training is not a short-course nor information-dump workshop that requires you to fend for yourself upon returning home and to your work.

Our training is dramatically different. We not only teach you the skills and tools, but we also show you, we lead and coach you to incorporate what you learn into your specific context – over time. Our experience shows this ensures the greatest success.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I was tired of conferences filled with information that never led to change when we got home. PLI has provided a paradigm-shift for ministry, and helped us to integrate the content we are learning into the life of our church, and has begun to lead us on a path to transformation.

Nate Speerbrecker

Pastor, Chesapeake Community of Hope

We weren’t feeling hesitant, but more hungry for guidance and support. We joined Leadership Essentials with excitement and high expectations and our experience blew those expectations away! The huddles and immersions have both challenged us and encouraged us while connecting us with others in similar ministry situations.

Bill Grueninger

Associate Pastor, St. Paul's Church

PLI has helped my wife and I become better leaders in the church, in our home, and in our neighborhood …. Through this process, it has better equipped us to meet the ever ongoing challenges to meet the needs of the future. PLI has given us more confidence and permission to be the people that God has created us to be, and we would do it all over again!

Grayson Albers

Senior Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Ministries

Our time in Leadership Essentials helped give us clarity to see what needed to be done and courage to follow through with the plan. From our very first immersion, we began pruning and shedding parts of ourselves that were hindering us from living. From a solid foundation, we stepped out in faith to an entirely new future, for our marriage, our family, and our ministry.

Matt Schuler

Pastor, Journey Lutheran Church

What You’ll Experience…

  • 5 immersions occurring about every 6 months, each lasting 3 days.
  • Gifted and experienced teachers that have been where you are.
  • Leader and spouse participate and learn together.
  • A customized and actionable six-month plan to implement in your own context at the conclusion of each immersion.
  • Monthly coaching between immersions provides ongoing encouragement and accountability needed to achieve your Spirit-led goals. All coaching is done via video conference.

Important note: since the subject matter presented is sequential and builds off of the prior immersion, it isn’t possible to enroll mid-way through the training.

Details of Leadership Essentials


The tuition cost is $1,750 per immersion – this includes your spouse.


Reserve your spot with a non-refundable $200 registration fee.


Travel, lodging, and meals are not included.


Financial assistance may be available. Please don’t allow finances to be a barrier–we’re thankful to our many donors which place a great value on the experience. Please contact Raechel and she would be more than happy to speak with you about how we might be able to alleviate some financial concern. (email: raechel@plileadership.org or call 630.795.9747)

Upcoming Events

In case you need it, we’ve provided the above information in a convenient easily downloadable pdf format (both in English and Spanish) so that you can provide a summary to others in your church leadership.

Connect with us to discover which learning community best suits your needs.

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