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The PLI Experience™ sets us apart, offering you real long-term transformational growth

We recognize that PLI is not the only pastoral leadership training offered to pastors and other ministry leaders. If you’re looking for a few new quick tools and insights (we call those “silver bullets”), then we’ll admit, PLI isn’t a good fit for you.

PLI’s ministry training is not a one-time conference or a one-size-fits-all short-course for you to listen to a group of speakers, collect a bunch of content, and then go back and attempt to “make what you learned work.” That approach rarely works because it’s not specific to your own context, and there is little accountability and little long-term practical integration… it often has a quick start but then fades fast, withers, and is left to a nice binder on the shelf.

What you will experience with PLI (the PLI Experience) is significantly different. The PLI Experience occurs at the intersection of faith, strategy, practice, and relationships! It is the unique blend of ministry leaders and, for those who are married, their spouses, learning together in PLI’s encouraging and accountable training environment that results in distinctive long-term leadership development that is sustainable – transformation.

The PLI Experience

Learn In Community

Within our “Learning Communities,” you will participate alongside your peers in a grace-filled, vulnerable and safe space. It is highly relational, built through partnerships, friendship, mutual love, respect, and trust (us with them and them with one another – especially the involvement of couples together). Learning comes from the room, not just the front of the room.

Real leadership growth takes time and practice

Our ministry training takes place over a longer term on purpose, with each immersive training segment building upon the prior. This process strengthens the foundational roots, and builds gradually so your leadership can grow and flourish. You are afforded time to learn, digest, practice (and maybe fail a bit), and integrate into your rhythms.

Ongoing Coaching

PLI’s leadership training is designed and delivered to produce sustainable growth. How? We not only teach you the skills and tools, but we show you, we lead and coach you in actually incorporating what you learn into your specific context over the course of the training.

Your Marriage Matters

 If you are married, PLI strongly encourages the participation of your spouse (at no additional cost), not simply to come along, but to participate right alongside you as a uniquely gifted child of God and as an equally impacted partner in your marriage and ministry.

We Focus On You

One size does not fit all. God made you unique, and you live and serve in a unique context, possessing a myriad of variables/needs/circumstances that are different from other ministry leaders. PLI’s leadership development is focused on you and building a strong healthy leader as God created, with courage and confidence following the Holy Spirit, which translates into a healthy home, church, and community impact.

Relationships Matter

There is an underlying “theme” to all we do – relationships. It is driven by the One who created them, desires them, and sustains them. The health of your relationships with those in your sphere of life are vitally important because they build community – something we were all created for. We highly value our relationships with you, not just during your participation with us in a Learning Community, but long after.

Our 25-years of experience has taught us that what makes us different is also what has produced long-term success not only for you at work, but also in your home and community.

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At the Heart of it all, is You!

“Senior Leader was great. It’s taking everything I learned in seminary and adding to it. It taught me how to identify candidates, conduct an interview, write a job description, and onboard new staff. We recently hired a part-time children’s director and were able to get her launched quickly and with clarity. Also, the teaching on financial stewardship has been so helpful. During the pandemic, it taught me how to stabilize our financial situation.”

Rev. Eric Sahlberg
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

“God has given me unique gifts. I need to lean into those gifts and not be something I’m not. He has called me here to serve his people. I don’t ever want to forget what an honor that is. PLI Leadership Essentials helped me see the mission again. I think I was running the risk of trying to operate the program, and I was starting to forget the mission that was in front of me every day.”

Alex & Rachel Stoll

“PLI’s program addresses a very practical, relevant needs in the ministry today. The opportunity to participate with my spouse was very helpful… the kind of practical connection that is one of the hallmarks of the PLI program.  This complements other pastoral conferences that are more theologically focused. PLI focuses more on strengthening the pastoral toolbox for ministering and guiding the ministry.”

Rev. David Gehne
Senior Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church and School


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