6 Energy Outputs for Top Level Leaders

Published: April 22, 2024

Leadership takes energy. However, if you’re like me, you don’t have a never-ending supply. Here are six places to focus your energy that will multiply your efforts.

1 Enter New Territory.
Build relationships with spiritual sojourners outside your ministry context. You’ll gain insight that can unlock a mission future. AND be nimble. The culture changes quickly and opportunities rise up over night. Step out boldly, knowing that you’ll learn from both failure and success.

2 Discover a fresh vision. 
It will bring clarity and energy to your ministry and inform your areas of focus as leader. Allocate significant energy on on these focus areas.

3 Lead in crisis.
Be a non-anxious presence that’s available to listen. Others will follow your lead.

4 Invest in self.
Physical health, spiritual health, personal growth, and family. Don’t make excuses. This is too important.

5 Create a culture.
Sprinkle it around the ministry by telling the stories and celebrating the breakthroughs, both big and small.

6 Lean into your team.
Spend significant time building relationships and investing in the leaders around you. They are your best resource.

NOTE: Maybe this is not for you right now. There’s a reasonable chance that the “last thing” you need today is more. You’re drowning. You’ve lost confidence. Life feels like a prison…maybe one of your own making. You need to simply skip what’s above and find a person(s) who can carry your mat (Luke 5:18-19) and believe in you and believe for you for a while. In my best “paralyzed moments” as a leader, I’ve had people carry me and not let go.

So, how about this:

  • Get a mat-carrier who can believe for you for a bit.
  • Distribute this in advance of the next team or board meeting and take an energy audit together.
  • Hit the share button to pass this along to a couple of leaders that you respect that will be challenged or could further challenge you.
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