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Announcing Genesis Leader

We are absolutely excited to announce the launch of GENESIS LEADER!

If you’re a pastor, can you remember each time that you’ve exhorted the congregational community to be the everyday missionaries where they live and work and play? And then you didn’t know what to do to actually train and coach and support them in actually learning to live it out?

And, remember that wash of feeling less guilty because you passed the guilt around to everyone else?

OR, maybe you’re the one who’s sat in the pew? Remember when the pastor in the pulpit…

  • offered up the great commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations.”
  • complemented it with adding that “we are all ambassadors for Christ”? 
  • augmented it with including that “by virtue of our Baptisms we have been invited into the mission of God”?

… and you didn’t know what to do? 

… or you tried, but it felt clumsy, and you backed away?

… or you felt guilty that you’re not quite living out what God had called you to live out?

Genesis Leader provides a solution.

It trains the baptized people of God to start and lead communities where anyone can encounter the Good News of Jesus. Learn discipleship habits. Develop simple intentional life-rhythms!

Last year, 35 pioneers set out to practice this path.

  • 9 months
  • Fully online, weekly teaching
  • Weekly coaching huddle for encouragement and training
  • Simple, practical practices for weekly experiences

Those 35 pioneers set out to practice this path in the beta test we called Not So Young Leaders. While most of us were getting beaten down, too many times discouraged with COVID and all of its related consequences, these folks in their late 30s-80s (ish) were…

  • Gaining energy
  • Inspiring each other
  • Learning memorable tools
  • Practicing life-changing activities
  • Simplifying everything…
    • Life
    • Story
    • Priorities
  • Sharing the Good News of Jesus
  • And… a new believer was baptized!

So, allow us to be bold.

Put a stake in the ground! Pick out 5 local pioneers. Forward this email to them and tell them “why” you’re thinking of them. Start your own pioneering of something that breathes fresh life and doesn’t bleed energy. And then submit their names here so our team can share more information with them.

OR…if you’re not a pastor and you’re ready to claim a spot for the October 3 start, sign up here.

Finally, if you have questions or need some more information, check out these 8 Things You Need to Know about Genesis Leader.

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