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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


Life is better connected. Connect with others to experience life-giving community and build authentic relationships. We have several learning communities. Find the best fit for you.


We provide a number of resources and materials to educate both our participants and the general public on effective leadership principles.


Interested in how PLI can impact your ministry? We'd love to get to know you and learn how we can empower your ministry.

Real Stories

The women and men who join our discipleship Learning Communities create authentic community and receive life-transforming tools and training to become active participants in the mission of God. Church leaders and everyday Christians want to extend the reach of the local church into their community, bring the Gospel to the places it is absent and learn how to make disciples. Here are just a few stories from people whose lives and ministry have transformed after receiving PLI Christian leadership training.

D2MC Learning Community

“PLI provides a brilliance in discovering, becoming, and multiplying missional disciples who then will multiply other disciples. The two-year Discipleship to Missional Community experience provides for many of us, who have a passion and vision for discipling, concrete ways to make it a reality in the 21st century. Fortunately, we are doing nothing new — simply following Jesus and the early church’s examples.”

– Rev. Paul and Judy Borg, Indiana

D2MC is teaching me that if I want the people of my congregation to share in the ministry and outreach of the church, I can’t just tell them to go and do it! I need to show them what that looks like with my own life. I’ve stopped saying, ‘Go and do,’ and started saying, ‘Come and see.’ It’s important that I live a life worth imitating. Amber and I also did PLI Leadership Essentials several years ago. It challenged us to think about our lives together committed to the ministry of the Church. We learned how to lead and be a bigger blessing to our congregation and community.”

– Rev. Joe Ferry, Indiana

“PLI has given me renewed enthusiasm, confidence and joy for life and ministry. The reason we’re in PLI is simple. Our community is plagued by heroin addiction and overdose. After officiating at the funeral of another young high school student in our community, I came back to our congregation and said, ‘This is enough.’ We’re going to do something about this. That’s why we’re doing PLI Christian leadership training. We’re going to do something!”

Pastor in Minnesota

“PLI’s discipleship leadership training was so powerful for the two of us and for our whole team. Linda and I have served together for 25 years. But now, we’re more on the same page. We are both totally committed to being disciples and discipling others for the rest of our lives. I see the people who have been trained to live as disciples now making disciples. Slowly, multiplication is happening and lives are being changed. We are preparing to go from three huddles to five or six huddles.”

– Rev. Kenton Birtell, Nebraska

Leadership Essentials Learning Community

“God has given me unique gifts. I need to lean into those gifts and not be something I’m not. He has called me here to serve his people. I don’t ever want to forget what an honor that is. PLI Leadership Essentials helped me see the mission again. I think I was running the risk of trying to operate the program, and I was starting to forget the mission that was in front of me every day.”

– Rachel Stoll, Wisconsin

“The discipleship leadership training of PLI is bringing a spiritual explosion in our minds and our hearts. It is bringing totally new ideas, and is inspiring and life giving. Every couple left the immersion with a new mindset and a revived heart. With PLI Christian leadership training, our lives and ministries will not be the same. I went through many trainings but this one is unique and life transforming. I heard a testimony of one of the women saying the same. ‘One thing I understood with PLI is that before transforming others you must be transformed first. It all starts with ME and YOU before reaching others. A leader must be able to lead himself before leading others.”

– Rev. Peter Claver, Burundi, West Africa

“PLI places such huge value on what women have to bring to the table. Women have been too often overlooked and undervalued. The more we have encouraged and challenged women to be the best of who they are, the more we’ve seen their impact. It’s a joy to see them released to be who God has designed them to be and not doing what someone is telling them they should do.”

– Diane Bahn, Leadership Essentials Coach

Senior Leader Learning Community

“PLI Senior Leader provided an opportunity for me to grow in my leadership, clarify my vision and recalibrate my perspective on ministry. It was especially beneficial to be there alongside two other members of our leadership team, where we could process, debrief and develop our next steps together. The content, encouragement and collaboration we experienced became a springboard for the next season of ministry and vision before us!”

– Brian Booth, Executive Director, Illinois

“One of the things I love about the Senior Leader Learning Community is its emphasis on practical skills development, especially in the areas of goal setting, task management, and strategic planning. PLI helps fill in that key learning gap.”

Rev. Nick Price, Illinois

“Senior Leader was great. It’s taking everything I learned in seminary and adding to it. It taught me how to identify candidates, conduct an interview, write a job description, and onboard new staff. We recently hired a part time children’s director and were able to get her launched quickly and with clarity. Also, the teaching on financial stewardship has been so helpful. During the pandemic, it taught me how to stabilize our financial situation.”

Rev. Rev. Eric Sahlberg, Massachusetts

1,000 Young Leaders

“I joined 1,000 Young Leaders discipleship leadership journey because I wanted to learn how I can strengthen my relationship with God and how I can become more confident in sharing my faith and having deep, spiritual conversations with others. I have become SO much more self-aware of the people and places that God has injected into my life and have learned the importance of not only actively listening to others’ stories but also sharing my personal story with others.”

– Nick Zerbonia, Illinois

“Through this Christian leadership community, we’ve learned how Jesus calls people with both invitation and challenge. If this is the example we are called to follow, we too must recognize the urgency of helping others to know God’s love. It is only with both invitation and challenge that we can see growth in God’s kingdom.”

– Abby and Ryan Bross, Wisconsin

“Not only has our relationship with God reached new heights, but our connections within our community are expanding. God is blessing relationships with our neighbors for the sake of His kingdom. People are hungry for real friendships, yet many of us don’t even know who lives next door. We’re changing that thanks to this discipleship leadership journey! We have learned the church is more than the four walls of the building we worship in — it’s our living room, our dining table, our backyard.”

– Jessica and Lucas Wardenburg, Iowa

“I chose this Christian leadership community to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus and learn how to share my faith and experience with others. I’ve learned to stop and reflect on all of my relationships, how much I’m invested in them and where I should start investing more. It’s about balance.”

– Gabby Demello-Silva, Florida