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Identity! Capturing Freedom to Lead and Live

By: Jock Ficken

Every person I know risks fastening their identity to the wrong thing. That’s alarming given the fact that Identity might be the most fundamental of leadership building blocks. The Flourishing in Ministry study funded by the Lilly Foundation interviewed thousands of pastors. Their results showed that placing your identity on the wrong thing is one … Continue reading

Dealing with Disappointment

By: Jock Ficken

Every congregational leader I know deals with disappointment. Most of us have endured seasons where disappointment has been heaped upon crushing disappointment and where a resiliency of faith in the face of disappointment is difficult to sustain. Here’s a disappointment short list: People you thought you could “count on” suddenly count themselves unreliable. The system… … Continue reading

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You’re in The Pit: Three things to do while you’re there.

By: Sarah Greiner

So, you’re in the pit. That spot in life and leadership where things unraveled or took a turn you didn’t expect. You ask, “How’d I get here?” Your spirits are broken and your vision seems unreachable. Yet, God meets you in the pit with an invitation to build something deeper, stronger and far better than … Continue reading

It’s Fun to be a Leader…Again

By: Jock Ficken

It’s fun to be a leader again! Have you been there? After a season of congregational leadership not being fun, you step out of the forest and into the bright sunshine of leadership and find that it’s fun? It’s a great thing! I loved hearing one of the leaders in the PLI family simply declare: … Continue reading

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Here’s to the Dispassionate Leader!

By: Jock Ficken

Leaders need to be dispassionate — at times! I’m a champion for leaders leading with passion. Hearts fully engaged. Leaning forward. Willing to take on the “uphillness” of holding out the Mission of God. Helping the people of God align their hearts and activity around God’s vision and not condoning the simple drift to lowest … Continue reading

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Stop Doing Christmas… A PLI Christmas Gift

By: Sarah Greiner

I bet you are doing Christmas right now. I bet you’re doing the impossible dance of December. A mashup of all the “normal” tasks with the added pile of Advent extras. Sure, our motives are meaningful and our intentions are true. But somewhere in between the services and sermons, the purchases and parties, the baking and … Continue reading

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When leaders stop growing….Organizations start dying.

By: Jock Ficken

It’s an unfortunate truth. Leadership has a short shelf life. Especially in the rapid, discontinuous changes of the last decade or two. Leaders leading with no leadership growth quickly become inhibitors to the ministries they lead. It can happen at 29…39…59! If you’re leading the same way you did back then, you’re leading a diminished … Continue reading

The Disappointment Gap…Don’t Be a Settler

By: Jock Ficken

The Disappointment Gap…Don’t Be a Settler “Don’t be a Settler” commercials have been funny and frequent of late. Settling: The “other way” of dealing with the Disappointment Gap. Settling: The Lowering of Future Expectations to Match Past Experience. The Disappointment Gap evaporates when we artificially lower Expectations to match our Experience. It’s like the Good … Continue reading

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