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A Tribute to the Life of Eunice Otte

Eunice Otte was invited home to heaven a few weeks ago. Her funeral is this morning (May 4) in Fort Worth, TX. She was 94! You can read her obituary here.

Eunice left an imprint! She loved, coached and helped people see God’s grace in their lives. What most don’t notice is that there’s been a ripple beyond the individuals and into their churches and families. What a gift!

Gail Ficken, Mulitpli Founder & President

Many of you never met Eunice! For many others of you, your lives were profoundly touched directly or indirectly by Eunice!

PLI will mark its 25th anniversary next year! Eunice was deeply influential in the shaping of what PLI “is” today, the PLI family. She was a counselor and instructor in PLI along with her son, counselor Jim Otte, during the first half of PLI’s history.

Eunice was a dear friend and mentor to me. She was 50 years my senior, and as we shared life stories over many years of friendship, I realized the growth and maturing God does in all of us is never complete—be it at 24, 54, or 94. He constantly works to shape us in His image and to deepen our trust in Him—the refining process is never over.

Rebekah Cook, PLI Alumni and Board Member


  • Championed pastors and spouses learning together.
  • Believed that pastors were better pastors when their marriages were healthy and strong.
  • Created the PLI safe place. It was okay to not have everything “together” and to be on the journey to a better version of yourself.
  • Built courage.
  • Delivered interpersonal insights with a gracious smile.
  • Laughed at herself. Laughed with others.
  • Loved Jesus and longed for His Mission to be lived out through leaders and churches.
  • Knew that women in PLI were gifted, valuable, and mostly had more to offer than they had allowed themselves to imagine.
  • Partnered with other PLI leaders and team members to create the culture that thrives today.
  • Explained (oftentimes humorously) how women and men think differently.

Eunice loved to laugh. And yet she understood both the joys and the difficulties in ministry lives. She helped us see and understand ourselves better, relate to one another, and learn to grow and deal with the challenges and difficulties we faced.

Diane Bahn, former PLI Partner Program Director

So, to the many of you that to this day remember concise, insightful words spoken with grace from the lips of Eunice Otte? You have been uniquely blessed!

And, to the many of you that came along in PLI in the 2nd half of its history? You, too, have been blessed by PLI values she championed and cultures she helped found.

The funeral service for Eunice is being held today, May 4, at 10 am at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fort Worth, Texas. In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations to be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

2 Responses

  1. Nicimpaye says:

    i love to hear the story of this great woman of God .We are blessed by PLI training and this is a Legacy of people liké Eunice . Let’s be the kind of people want us to be .That is the.meaning of authentic life . past Peter , Burundi

    • Nicimpaye Pierre Claver says:

      i love to hear the story of this great woman of God. we are blessed by PLI Training and this a Legacy of people like Eunice . Let’s be the kind of people God want us to bé. That is thé meaning of authentic life . Past Peter , PLI Burundi

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