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A Final Word to You in 2021

My sense is that it’s important today to simply say that your leadership is critical.

Who you are and what you do in the Kingdom is critical.

Most would say that it’s been a difficult year in which to lead.

Sadly, it’s been a year in which many have simply surrendered.

I recognize that you could be one of the 51% of pastors thinking of quitting at the end of 2021. 

So, to you:

Thank you for leading with integrity. Thank you for maintaining your focus on the mission entrusted to us. Thank you for loving and caring and investing.

At the end of 2021…

If you haven’t already made a gift to support our work across the U.S. and around the globe, your gift would be a great blessing today. Thanks to a generous donor, your gift will be matched to extend the impact of your gift.

We’ve been sharing the posts from the Flourishing in Ministry series we did a couple years ago. This week, take a look at this post: There’s Still Good News in Your Congregation. I hope you find some encouragement in it.

You are aware of the generosity of the Martins and the Biblers to offer a place of rest and retreat, or a few days of vacation, as their gift… as a simple way to encourage and bless you and say thanks for leading. (Isn’t it amazing that people in the PLI family do things like this?)

You’ll be encouraged by Paul and Beth Schult in a few weeks as they share their story of being ready to quit ministry and how they kept going. Sign up here for the webinar and join us on January 19 at 10 am CT. You’ll identify with the struggle they experienced and you’ll be blessed by the journey out of it.

Be sure to invest in your own leadership in 2022.

Check out our new offerings of D2MC to create a congregational culture that disciples and sends disciples into the mission field. Take a look at Leadership Essentials that fastens down the core building blocks of biblical leadership. Or consider Senior Leader for those taking on the complexities of leading larger ministries and organizations.

1,000 Young Leaders and Multipli’s Genesis Leader are shaping people from knowing they should do “something” but doing “nothing,” to becoming confident and competent fearless impact makers and producing quick “wins” for congregations that could use them.

Thank you!

Gail and I and the entire PLI and Multipli teams count it a privilege to work with you and walk with you. We’re blessed to have you in the family and thankful for your partnership.

2 Responses

  1. Pr. Ron and Jean Weidler says:

    We’re not 2 of the 51% thinking of retiring. We’re just 2 of the many who retired 5 1/2 years ago and still being active in congregation, circuit, district, synod, community, and wherever the Lord allows us to be in on the fun.

    • Gail & Jock Ficken says:

      And what a blessing the two of you are .. and have been! Your blessings many churches through seasons of transition so well. Blessed to have you in the PLI family

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