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You Can Keep Unlocking the Doors, or…

Ten or 15 years from now, there won’t be much left in most of today’s churches…or in most church bodies.

  • Look at what’s unraveled in the last 5 years.
  • The believers coming behind us don’t want to inherit much of what we want to give them. (Ask them!)
  • Look at your own denomination…do you sense positive, forward momentum coming from the HQ?
  • The wonderful 70 and above crowd? It becomes a few.
  • Most church bodies, mine included, are mostly white…in an increasingly racially diverse future (43% of millennials are not white!).

You can…

  • Keep unlocking the Sunday morning doors and waiting for “them” to come in.
  • Plug in the next program that promises a lot but delivers a little.
  • Get your next pastor/leader–make sure to get one of the few young ones–and ask them to bring their silver bullet.

OR… the future?

Sustain what you can. Build a comprehensive gift planning strategy to help fund the future that you do want to sustain. But start to prioritize….

The Members Becoming the Message.

Forget getting “them” into “here” as a mission strategy.

Be welcoming to the the visitors that do come. Follow up with them.

Teach biblical giving each year. Grow faithful givers. 

Pay your staff well (or give them permission to freelance).

But, start investing so that your long-term strategy (it will start slow and finish big) is that the Members Are the Message…the Members become the Missionaries.

Investing in them so that where ever they go…

…to work…

…where they live…

…when they play…

They are the message…in essence, they are the missionaries.

They’re discipled with the Word of God.

They listen to the prompting of God.

They act with faith on what they hear.

They know the people around them.

They listen more. Talk less.

They know intimately God’s story of reconciliation through Jesus.

They know their own story, their own brokenness. They know how grace and good news has intersected with their story.

They know how to relate the grace they’ve received.

They invite people into their lives. Share life together. Allow trust to grow.

They trust the Spirit for right words at right times, confident that the Word works.

Want to get some bored believers on the edge of adventure?  

Let the Members Become the Message.  

You’ll give them a gift and your church a Future.

Start with a few now. Be surprised two years from now.

Raechel can help you with the Members Becoming the Message.

Need more information on building a plan today to fund ministry 10 or 15 years from now? Contact Teri.


Share this with your circle of Leaders next month and ask three questions:

  • What do you agree with?
  • What don’t you like?
  • Should we start doing something different?

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