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Wrapping up 2017

We have six questions to help you wrap up 2017, and a short video that we thought you would enjoy.

For many of us this is the week that we try to slow down, catch our breath, recalibrate our energies and rest a bit before stepping into the new year. Here are six simple questions. Take a piece of paper. Write your answers to each. Share one of your observations with the PLI family in the comments below.

You might want to share this with a group of your own leaders.

Six Questions to Wrap up 2017


6 questions to wrap up 2017

When you grow and change, and when your relationships are healthy with those you lead, you will positively impact the ministry you lead/help lead. Simple.

Why don’t you share one of your observations here and share it with the larger PLI family?

Here’s an end of 2017 “thank you” that we shared with everyone who made a gift(s) to PLI so far this year. You’ll enjoy it.

Finally… thanks. Gail and I would simply like to express our thanks for your dedication, leadership and willingness to sacrifice so the Gospel of Jesus Christ might be shared in new pockets and places in 2018!

Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

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One Response

  1. Dan Prugh says:

    6) God has prompted me to work from a place of rest. I am responding to his call by taking a sabbatical in the summer 2018. As I continue to learn what it means to abide in Christ, he will continue to show great fruit through my life.

    Thanks PLI!

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