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Would You Join Me in Taking a Step Forward?

It’s not too late to make a PLI gift for Giving Tuesday!  

Most of PLI’s Learning Communities in the United States and around the globe are wrapping up for the year. (A new cohort of PLI’s 1,000 Young Leaders is accelerating through the next few weeks!) All of the international team is in the office this week and most of the rest of the team will join them today (Thursday)! It’s an exciting time. A strategic time, marked with prayer. It’s solution-creating, God-depending time!

Due to the huge demand for the training of pastors and spouses in parts of Africa and Asia, we’ve moved to training the trainers that will actually train the pastors and spouses within the church bodies and networks. 

The ability of our international team to innovate and remain faithful to fundamental convictions about building better leaders of character and competency that can focus people around living into God’s mission commands my deepest respect. 

Let’s be honest! For a lot of us as leaders in a post-Covid world, 2023 has not been an easy year. 

  • Folks that left and never came back… 
  • The sense that you’re trying to live up to an expectation that no longer camps out in reality…
  • The responsibility of leadership that few others understand…

Our PLI leader in Latvia translated the Lutheran reality among its 2 million citizens this way:

  • 600,000 Lutherans in Latvia … if you ask people on the street who’s a Lutheran.
  • 40,000 Lutherans in Latvia … if you count the memberships in the churches.
  • 7,000 Lutherans in Latvia … if you count the numbers in churches each Sunday.

The soil is hard in Latvia, too! Maybe harder than in many U.S. places!

In 2023, when the year is finished, it looks like:

  • 3,296 pastors, ministry couples and church leaders will be involved in PLI’s biblical leadership training…
  • In 64 different Learning Communities…
  • In 23 different countries…
  • In 13 different denominations…
  • In 31 different church bodies/dioceses/networks!

And, in 2024, if God so blesses, we could train over 24,000 pastors and spouses!

A 521% increase over the previous year!

If you’ve followed any of the blogs, you’ve traced the progress. (And if you need a reminder, you can catch up this Incredible Story from Ethiopia and this Look Inside the Training of 20,000 Leaders in Ethiopia.)

So, would you join me in taking a step forward?

  1. Would you become a monthly supporter of this international training? OR
  2. Would you ask your congregation to include PLI’s international training in your congregation’s mission budget at $100 a month in 2024? 
  3. Stop talking about “somebody should do something” and pick 10 of your “any age” mission-hearted folks and sign them up for Multipli’s Genesis Leader or PLI’s 1,000 Young Leaders for those in their 20s and 30s, and watch God recreate in your own community what’s happening in far off places in Africa and Asia! Seriously!!! I don’t often make promises like this, but I’ll promise you and your 10 people that it will be fun! Faith-fulfilling! You’ll have more “I always knew I was missing something” moments than you can count in 9 months. 

When I speak in congregations I often try to convince people that the times are urgent! Simply wishing for a different world or a bygone year that no longer lives in the present doesn’t make it a reality but oftentimes keeps us from stepping with faith into the future.

So, would you count yourself in with one of the above?

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