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We Need Hope-Givers

You already know that I’m a big believer in the transformational impact of Multipli for adults of any age.

The combination of 9 months of…

  • Weekly teaching picked up at any time
  • Discipling huddle on Zoom
  • Small, incremental steps that lead to big, bold competency

…is amazing.

Here’s why I’m passionate!

Every week, unknowingly we set up pastors to fail! And we, and our pastors, get increasingly discouraged and disheartened. Attracting the crowd of unbelieving people to anything inside the church isn’t working. …but we expect it to work next week. Or, worse yet, we think that if we just had a better pastor than the one we have, it would work. And that’s not fair! And it doesn’t need to be that way!

In almost every church we just can’t decide together: “We can’t stay here!” and resolve to take a different path. It takes prayer and preparation and committing to working together. Nehemiah did it. He saw that Jerusalem’s walls were in ruins and said, “This can’t be!” (chapters 1 & 2)

We need hope-givers. Pioneers that start down the “disciple the few to be sent to reach the many” and eliminate some of the fear of the unknown. (I had lunch with a pastor last month. He said, “I’m discouraged. It’s been hard since Covid. I need some hope. Then I go to the rest of the group in my circuit and they have no hope either.”)

Multipli and its team is kicking open the door.

  • You want to see some transformed pioneers?
  • Want to have the fresh winds of new hope blow through?
  • You want a choice that if we finally admit that the status quo can’t be our permanent residence, we can see something more?

While no one was looking there was a switch.

We all grew up with the idea of the one outsized, charismatic leader who can solve our problems and lead us to the promised land. Today, no one leader can do it. The size of the challenge requires the gifted, trained efforts of many leaders, pulling in the same direction. Using the same language. Intent on the same breakthrough.

So, to you, to Gail, to an incredible team in Multipli…the entire PLI family says: Thank you. God bless you. Go quickly. Walk with us. Help us learn. Give us hope.

As Gail transitions into her full-time role with Multipli at the end of this month, we are giving thanks for her work with PLI. If you haven’t already, please share a video message that either tells how Gail has impacted you, and/or a blessing to Gail as she moves to Multipli. (You can upload those here: Please try to keep it under 30 seconds, if possible.) Also consider joining the PLI and Multipli family in making a tribute gift that will help lay more of the fundamental building blocks of Multipli’s transformational leadership training of people inside and outside of our congregations. This is the last week that we will be collecting videos and special gifts.

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  1. Lois Peacock says:

    Hello…as I go about trying to recruit folks to come to the 3/25 event at Bethany, Menlo Park, I’m not sure there is clear information about why they should come. HELP!!

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