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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


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Three Things that Always Take Leaders Off Course

In a world bent on its own course(s), you represent that “there is another king, one called Jesus.” (Acts 17:7)  Thank you!  You are valued and valuable!  The Word of God still changes lives and the Spirit still has power.  What you’re doing, what you’re leading…it’s important.

Thessalonica offered OPPOSITION to Paul and to that King. HIGH OPPOSITION!

Paul underscored relationships. “We were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” (1 Thessalonians 2:8)


Relationships… Interesting!

As leaders…

  1. Predicaments and problems will always insist that the urgent take precedence over the important.
  2. Oppositional…external…internal will always entice leadership drift away from what God has placed in your heart.
  3. Busy-ness or boredom will always prompt oversight of the importance of relationships.

So, if the people closest to you were going to become imitators of you and of the Lord (v6)…

  • Should they?
  • Could they?
  • Would they?

Discipleship to Missional CommunityMy guess? Urgent and busy has caused you to overlook the universal currency of relationship for reaching people, discipling people, and sending people.

Discipleship to Missional Community enables leaders to capture the rhythms of relationships that multiply wider Gospel influence and carry hope into pockets and places the church seldom goes.

Would you…

  • Check out the learning community.
  • Take a quick inventory for yourself of the “Imitation Inventory,” the: Should They? Could They? Would they?
  • Contact Raechel if it’s time to realign around what God has placed in your heart.

PLI knows that when leaders grow, everyone benefits.

Dr. Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

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