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The Faces of our 1,000 Young Leaders

Here’s what I see: I see the faces of hope…in these 1,000 Young Leaders!

A couple weeks ago cars and airplanes delivered these missionary pioneers to Nashville. Some were veterans of the fully online weekly training. Some were newly started. Some well on their way. They are all part of the largest adult generation in the United States that’s mostly gone from our churches.

All of them were excited to be together. All of them had stories to tell of how God was using them where they live or work or play. All of them were excited to be in “community,” learning, challenging each other and growing together.

You can imagine how Gail and I felt. Gail first dreamed the dream of 1,000 Young Leaders a few years back and proposed the plan. On Friday night of the annual gathering, we sat back and simply listened to person after person tell their stories of growth and adventure, uncertainty and surprise, of mission and discovery of the Spirit working through the Word in the lives of people sometimes far, far from God.

Here’s the reality: If you walked up to 100 millennials in any major metropolitan area and you asked them the name of another millennial who’s a Christian that they respect, almost none of them would know one. 

We’re at risk of seeing the demise of the Christian church along a generational line…unless somebody does something.

These smiling faces here? They’re doing something.

There’s a much bigger bunch! They’re doing something.

You can do something! If you’re a millennial and you’re not a pastor, you can sign up here.

OR… you can talk to your millennial son or daughter (or grandchild or niece or nephew). Tell them that you believe in them and you see this as a good investment in them…and recommend them here.

OR… If you’re not a millennial, but you’re tired of wishing things were different and you’re ready to learn some fundamental skills and tools, request some information here.

You guys! These faces! They’re the faces of hope! Would you make a gift today to make this happen more? These folks pay only a fraction of the cost to receive training like this.

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  1. David Bahn says:

    Diane and I thank God for PLI, and pray for you regularly. May God expand the impact of these 1000 young leaders for the glory of his grace and the blessing of many others!

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