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The 2 Most Important Things You Can Say to an Emerging Adult

1000 Young Leaders launches this fall intent on deploying everyday, ordinary indigenous missionaries within their own generation. Learning how to understand and build trust so there’s traction for the truth of the Gospel to be shared.
So, what if you pick out a couple of promising young adults. (Add yourself to the list if you are one!) They’re in your church or, quite likely, they used to be…in your church. (Maybe their parents are still in your church.) They still call your church home.

Share two things with them:

  • I believe in you!
  • I want to invest in you through 1000 Young Leaders.

Say those 2 words and you’ve said a lot!
Those 2 words said to you say a lot! Right?

  • I believe in you!
  • I want to invest in you!

I was on a bad path in my early years. Bad path! Then someone came along in our church and loved me. Said they believed in me. Invested in me. And…here I am today!
Dan Tewes, Co Senior Pastor, Faith Lutheran, Appleton WI

 Could I encourage you to get on with it?!

The time is now! It’s urgent. We can’t afford to keep having meetings. Keep postponing action. Drift away from getting on with the mission that God has invited us into.
Gail Ficken, Executive Co-Leader

Get yourself in the mission game if you’re not there already! Don’t wait for all those folks to one day wake up and decide they should be coming to your worship service today. (You’ll wait a long time.) See the PLI Entry Paths.
Pick a place: Home. Work. Play.
Start thinking like a missionary. Get to know the folks around you. Share a bit of your story. Listen to their story. Be patient. Be more patient. Learn more of each other’s story.  Pray. Be Patient more. Pray some more. Watch for God to tip his hand. And, simply respond when it’s time to respond with the good news that’s in you.
Sounds simple. But it was incredibly difficult when I started down this path.
I didn’t know how to hardly have a conversation outside the church. And, in the church people thought what I had to say was important. In our neighborhood, I was just like everyone else. My words were no more important than their words.
In church I could say, “Stand!” Everyone would stand. “Pray!” Everyone would pray.  “Sing!” Everyone would sing! “Listen for 25 minutes.” Everyone would make their best efforts to listen….

Finally, two simple requests:

  1. Ask God to show you who you’re looking past in their 20’s or 30’s. Tell them…
    • I believe in you.
    • I’d like to invest in you through 1000YL.
  2. Do whatever it takes to get yourself in the mission game. (For me, it’s been more fun to find myself being used by God in unexpected ways than any church board meeting I’ve ever attended.)

You can nominate a leader for 1000YL by clicking below:

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