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Can we say Thank You?

By: Jock Ficken

Allow me to say Thank You to you for leading in your role. Thank you for serving and caring for your congregation and people that don’t know Jesus and for whom Jesus extended His arms on the cross and died. Let’s be honest. Leading is difficult. Oftentimes lonely. So, simply, for who you are and … Continue reading

Leadership Essentials 2019 Houston // Immersion 1

By: Rule29

Do I Have What it Takes? Part 2

By: Jock Ficken

When someone starts a small business, the organizational chart looks a bit like this. Many church leaders function the same way! The vast majority of congregational leaders have similar org charts and “me” in boxes where they don’t fit. Too many times we’re “filling slots” because “somebody needs to do it.” And no one has … Continue reading

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Leadership Essentials 2019 Cleveland-Columbus // Immersion 4

By: Rule29

Leadership Essentials 2019 Chicago // Immersion 2

By: Rule29

Urgent or Important?

By: Jock Ficken

Parish ministry for me was always punctuated with the urgent and the important. An easy call for me. It was the so called “tyranny of the urgent” that was also unimportant that was a perpetual discipline. BUT…my ability to make the important but not urgent a priority was always critical! I did it well, and, sometimes not so well. … Continue reading

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Leadership Essentials 2017 Denver // Immersion 3

By: Rule29

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Pockets and Places

By: Sarah Greiner

“I’m in church work so I’m around christians all day. It’s not possible for me to meet people who don’t know Jesus.” Sound familiar? We often perceive roadblocks to living missionally and feel stuck in the circles of the church world. PLI believes that God opens up possibilities for relationship with lost and broken people … Continue reading

Six Energy Outputs for Top Level Leaders

By: Jock Ficken

Leadership takes energy. However if you’re like me you don’t have a never ending supply. Here are six places to focus your energy that will multiply your efforts. 1 Enter New Territory. Build relationships with spiritual sojourners outside your ministry context.  You’ll gain insight that can unlock a mission future. AND be nimble. The culture changes … Continue reading

You’re in The Pit: Three things to do while you’re there.

By: Sarah Greiner

So, you’re in the pit. That spot in life and leadership where things unraveled or took a turn you didn’t expect. You ask, “How’d I get here?” Your spirits are broken and your vision seems unreachable. Yet, God meets you in the pit with an invitation to build something deeper, stronger and far better than … Continue reading

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