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How to Make Effective Change in Your Life & Ministry

By: Sarah Greiner

At PLI we’ve seen that it’s extremely difficult to make effective change in isolation. The gap between the change you want to see and the actual change you experience is often wide when no community surrounds you. To experience real life transforming change in your life and ministry you need a community that can provide … Continue reading

What if YOU were the Mission Program?

By: Jock Ficken

Which would you choose to do mission: Being outfitted with a “program” (there are lots of them)? Or, BEING the “Mission Program”? My guess is that a lot of us would reach for the program! Ironically… Our trust in fitting into a program tends to run higher than our trust in God fitting us into … Continue reading

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PLI Is Different. Here are four reasons why.

By: Sarah Greiner

Discipleship: Three lessons I learned from playing Simon Says

By: Sarah Greiner

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5 Things to Remember about Leading Change

By: Jock Ficken

Change for the sake of change is never good. It’s a waste of time, or worse, an abuse of people. It’s the issue that’s in front of every pastor and every leader and every congregation in one form or fashion…it’s not just you! And that’s why I want to offer a few reminders about leading … Continue reading

What do you measure?

By: Jock Ficken

Most churches measure average worship attendance each year. Offerings, too. Easter Sunday…for most the largest Sunday attendance of the year…gives a decided boost to the average. And the Sunday after Easter? For most it’s one of the lowest. An average attendance blow and a discouragement to the leaders who count. Most of us, no matter … Continue reading

Disciple Me First

By: Sarah Greiner

Chances are, you’ve been discipled. At some point along your faith journey someone took time to disciple, or pour into you. It probably happened unintentionally in the casual moments of life. Maybe it was the “ask your pastor any question” time in confirmation, conversations in the car with your dad, or at the dinner table … Continue reading

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Discipling is not for Experts

By: Sarah Greiner

When I asked Tricia Foster, PLI alumni and discipleship huddle leader, what things Jesus taught her about discipleship through leading huddles, the first thing she said was “You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to have a disciple.” This is a bit earth shattering. Jesus had disciples and I’d say he was an expert. … Continue reading

3 Questions that Get Real and Move On

By: Sarah Greiner

As leaders how often are we honest? I mean, really step back and take stock of what’s actually going on in our ministry culture? If we do, are we afraid of what we’ll find? Will we be paralyzed by fear? Here are 3 questions we ask in PLI’s Discipleship to Missional Community to help leaders … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Keep Your Church a Fort

By: Jock Ficken

American churches are like forts. 30% of the members ride into the fort once a week and then they ride back out of the fort intending not to be influenced…or to influence…the people who live out on the frontier. And, frontier people have no interest in discovering what fort people do inside their forts or … Continue reading

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