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A New Fundraising Model

Stewardship…Giving…Fund Raising…the churches that are navigating through the rough waters of adaptive challenge are also figuring out sustainable funding models.

  1. They are building future financial muscle today through a comprehensive (they’ve stopped dabbling!) gift planning initiative. Teri can share this  affordable and highly effective PLI/LCMS Foundation model.
  2. They are building healthy current stewards by annually inviting people to take a “next step” in their giving journey while faithfully building a biblical foundation motivated by grace.

Here’s a new one…

What about raising other funds? I think this one has great potential…it doesn’t replace the first two…it’s a third source. And I’d like to share it with you for the first time today.

It’s an online shopping mall.

You already know that online shopping is rapidly rising and retail stores are closing. You may not know that every time you make a “click” and then a purchase, someone collects a marketing fee.    

Take a look at Heartfelt Giving and the store PLI International has set up. Check out the “About Us” page, and fill out the information on the Contact Us page to find out how Heartfelt Giving can work for you.

Forward this email to whomever is in charge of raising funds for…

  • The next youth gathering
  • The mission trip
  • The School Basketball uniforms
  • The citywide church planting effort or urban ministry initiative
  • etc.  

It’s really simple. Ask your people to go to the online shopping mall designed for your school/mission trip/youth gathering/whatever that Heartfelt Giving would create for you. When someone clicks through to an FTD florist or a rental car or Sears or whatever, a surprisingly significant marketing fee is rewarded and a large portion distributed to your group (much more than your church might currently be getting through another vendor).

I’ve been using it for travel planning for a few months. It doesn’t cost any more. It’s only one extra click before Hertz or Hampton Inn or whomever.

It’s a simple “third source” of income to fund some of the extra things. For me, it was always a hard balance in our congregation with many different programs and ministries and school sports teams and mission trips, etc. all needing to raise funds outside our congregational budget.  

This one seems like a no-brainer. Pass it along to your “how can we raise the funds for …” leader and tell them to check it out. Make a purchase (it doesn’t cost any more!) OR let them fill you in on more of the details and answer your questions about a specially designed online mall for your group or initiative.

Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

3 Responses

  1. Matt Hewitt says:

    I hadn’t heard of Heartfelt Giving before. Sounds interesting!

    Another great source for nonprofits and churches to consider is Amazon Smile ( It’s free for organizations to register and for the end users. It’s the same exact Amazon experience with the same low prices. The only difference is that 0.5% of your purchase goes to a charity that you select. While it isn’t a lot, every penny counts!

  2. Jock Ficken says:

    Thanks Matt. Most ministries will find Heartfelt Giving to return a much larger amount to the ministries that set up their own site. The folks at Heartfelt can explain it much better than me. Thanks.

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