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Sign Up for “The Great Opportunity” or “School Scenarios”

Thanks for Leading!

Last week Gail and I shared the 6 questions you and your congregational leaders need to be asking to do more with less in the coming season.

These two assumptions inform the two opportunities below!

Assumption #1  – The Corona Virus might have a quick cure but there’s a high probability that we will experience spikes that will disrupt any “back to normal” dreams you might have.

Assumption #2 – There is likely to be a harsh economic “tail” that negatively extends into the future. 

For the most part, most churches are not prepared for these assumptions.

So, in this season of growing hardship and evangelistic opportunity, how could we accelerate a movement of the Gospel through our congregations?

We’re excited about these two offerings:

Sign Up: The Great Opportunity

… A 6-week weekly webinar limited to 500 people beginning Thursday, May 14, 3 PM CDT

Why: To be together and build community with people in my neighborhood. People in our neighborhoods are more likely to accept an invitation onto our patio or into our living room than to our sanctuaries. 

Purpose: To resource you and others in your church to gather groups no larger than 10 as we step out of our “shelter in place” worlds.

  • You’ll receive six simple, unique ways to gather in your neighborhood.
  • Training on how and what to do.
  • Overcoming the Common Obstacles that keep us from doing what we want to do.

Who Should Sign Up: Every member of the willing…who wants to learn together with others…  who wants to participate in The Great Opportunity.

Cost:  Free

Recording:  Each live session will be recorded. 

Sign Up: The Churches with School Ministries Scenario Planning

…PLI, in partnership with the Institute for Missional Visioning, is offering a 4-day webinar on Scenario Planning for Christian ministries with schools from May 18-21 from 11am-1pm CST each day.

Why? We want to provide an opportunity for you to plan a calculated response for your ministry so that you can move forward with hope and confidence. 

Purpose:  Because we don’t know what will happen between now and August, many scenarios should be considered now so you will be ready when the time comes to act with a reasonable amount of confidence. Thus, teaching and time for scenario planning will be provided on three potential COVID-19 economic responses based on…

  1. A “U” shaped recovery
  2. A Nike Swoosh recovery
  3. A “W” recovery

Each team will be provided time in break out sessions to discuss their potential response and then the full group will share and process ideas so all of us can learn and brainstorm together. 

Who Should Sign Up? Leaders of organizations whose ministry involves a school

Cost:  Free

Download the Vibrant 2030 Church ebook and harvest what’s valuable now. (Download the epub or a PDF).

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4 Responses

  1. Denis Ashauer says:

    Sign me up for the Thursday webinars!

  2. David Wray says:

    Hello! I would like more information. What time on Thursdays will this be? Thank you!

    • Nikke Ryner says:

      Hello David, The Great Opportunity webinars will occur each Thursday at 3pm CST through June 18th!

  3. I want to attend this conference in May or any please send me more information
    I am Rev Dr Vinod Kumar Tyagi
    Disciples church of India

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