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I’ve Got One More Good Run in Me

Gail and I have opportunity to be in conversations with PLI family across all age groups, from those entering PLI in their 20s and all the way to those in their 70s and 80s eager to invest in the leaders several decades their junior.

We frequently hear the 50s/early 60’s crowd say…

[bctt tweet=”I’ve got one more good run in me!” username=”pliexperience”]

I love these “one more good run in me” leaders.

Here’s what I think:

one more good run in me

Many leaders along the way lose hope and surrender courage. They find it difficult to trust God for breakthrough or blessing. They fail to reset leadership trajectories that angle incrementally away from effectiveness. Conflicts and disappointments rob them of emotional well-being and joy. They stop taking responsibility for their own growth and development. They open the doors to their “forts,” hoping for different outcomes while doing the same thing.

So, young or old, professional or not, first leadership run or last one… What would it take for you to embrace the nine “one more good run in me” traits above?

You know, and I know, that leadership is hard. It’s mostly uphill. We need to invest in ourselves and in our marriages (if you’re married) and in our futures if our “next season” will be a genuine benefit to those we lead and serve.

Dr. Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

9 Responses

  1. Rick Meyer says:

    Once again you nailed it. I will be 55 this year and I don’t want to coast.

  2. John Thieme says:

    If you want to turn this email into an experiential learning God has arranged a providential coincidence: the Phoenix/Mesa marathon is run on the Saturday of Best Practices for Ministry in 2018. It’s a well run race with 3 distances, full, half and 10k. 2 years ago the full took all of Saturday AM, but the half had me back to BPM for the 10:30 break out session this year. I know that Michael Eckelkamp, Jeremy Jacoby and Mark Junkans have an interest and those guys drip leadership.

  3. Art Hill says:

    Atta’ boy, Jock! As a former distance runner … and a current pastor who is getting closer to retirement … I believe: “I’ve GOT one more good run in me.”

    And here’s how I’m going to use it. Continue the 6 year push to intentionally “make disciples” … and lead our people to make an investment in the future of our ministry with a really challenging capital campaign.

    How great it will be to look back and see this as my legacy to the Kingdom!

    • Jock Ficken says:

      I remember the runner! And the gifted leader/pastor! This is outstanding. I would anticipate that you’d run the next leg well. Blessings Art!

  4. Mark Schulz says:

    Thanks Jock … I saved the graphic for future use. I really have a passion for helping Christians finish well … which isn’t just about crossing the finish line in faith, its about running well in the last quarter of life’s race. I’d be interested in a conversation with anyone who wants to help pastors and other church leaders do just that.

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