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Your Next Leadership Season Could Be Your Best

Remember when you…

  • knew what you were passionate about? You’d give your life for it?
  • Knew what you were good at? What gave you energy, even when you were tired?
  • Knew the difference you could make?

And then…something happened. Life… years… fuzzy focus… betrayal… bad experience.

And as a result you find yourself…

  • Not so effective.
  • Not so energetic.
  • Not so, well, excellent, at what you do.

It’s like looking at the map on your phone and the little dot that represents you and your location is somewhere other than the intended destination. Or at least the path that was planned.

[bctt tweet=”Most leaders, left unattended, can get off course quickly…” username=”@pliexperience”]…in a matter of months, a year or two. Some never recalculate.  For many, it’s chronic. “It’s just the way it is.”  For some, it’s only threatened crisis that will demand a change now.  For a few, a treasured few…

They sense the whisper of the Spirit that it’s time to exercise courage and lead themselves.

I find it hard to lead myself in some areas sometimes.  The best of programs and the brightest of possibilities cannot compensate for simply leading yourself well.  I’m of the mind that a good many of us assume that it’s just a chronic condition.

  • Once treasured relationships go unattended and are allowed to atrophy.
  • Ministry devolves into too many tiring tasks and too few that match passion and gifting.
  • The “but if you say so” (Luke 5:5) is no longer the response to the voice of God.

So, a simple question…or several:

If God wanted to say something to you, now, what would He want to say?

And, if you were going to plan a small step in response, what would it be?

And, who should you tell? It’s an American allusion that alone works and that community is optional.

PLI believes that your next leadership season could be your best season and that chronic (above) seldom needs to describe reality.  I know that you’re valued and I know that you are loved. And I know that…

Perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18)

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