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Nebo…Mount Nebo

The invincible walled city of Jericho was across the Jordan.  Entry point to the Land Promised.  Moses had lead the Israelites on the journey of a lifetime but he would not be leading there.  This was it for Moses.  Moses could see it. He just wouldn’t get to lead it.

“Because you did not trust me enough… you will not bring this community into the land I give them.” Numbers 20:12

Sometimes leaders take organizations or ministries or congregations to a certain point and then they’re done.  They might see it. They just won’t get to lead it.  And a Spirit-filled Joshua must step forward. (Deuteronomy 34:9)  We each have our time, our purpose.  And then we become a part of the past, a valued part of the past.  NEBO.

Unfortunately, many leaders stop leveraging their present before becoming part of the past.  Organizations decline. Ministries suffer. Congregations struggle.

When leaders…

  • Don’t offer their best,
  • Duck the difficult decisions,
  • Defer personal risks…

…Harshness, criticism, blame sometimes follow.  Time, vision, grace often are absent or offered with short supply.  There is no one to offer a leadership investment.

The new American landscape is certainly a land flowing with opportunity and broken people, but the familiar “come to our church” mode is being met with a “we’re not interested” response.

Leaders must now risk the unfamiliar, the awkward, the uncertain if communities are to be reached.

So, a couple of questions:

  • Are you leveraging the present?
  • Will you know when your leadership turn is up…there?
  • What would need to happen to finish what you’ve started?

One extra note: If you long to engage your community with the Good News and you know that the old “mode” is being met with a “we’re not interested” let me encourage you to take a look at Missional Leader-Orlando and capture fresh encouragement, hope, and courage.  Raechel can tell you more.

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