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Missionaries are Pouring into the United States…

Gail and I and the PLI team started 2019 with an incredible group of Ethiopian and Liberian immigrant missionaries. You’ll see a few of their faces, hear a few of their words. (A couple of congregations and an LCMS district had the vision to invest in them.)

As PLI celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019, we can see that a lot has changed!

20 years ago PLI’s collegial groups did a foreign mission trip together. It was the first ever for many. It catalyzed many congregations with an up-close interest in helping send missionaries from the West to the Rest.

Today the Rest sends its missionaries to the West…spiritually struggling America.

Two observations….

  • Those early PLI mission trips have given birth to an incredible international biblical leadership training that Scott and Lori Rische lead in PLI today. Last year, 245 leaders that completed PLI filled a pipeline of indigenous trainers being shaped to multiply the ranks with 945 being trained as mission-focused leaders.
  • There’s a certain humility that is too often lacking in our own hearts and in the souls of our own congregations. It’s too easy for us to see ourselves as
    • The center of Christianity.
    • The dispenser of knowledge and wisdom to those in need of it.
    • The ones who possess answers and hope for the rest.

A not-so-subtle invitation to repent of my own and maybe your own arrogance seems appropriate here!

Interestingly, missionaries that come to the United States oftentimes see us as

  • Spiritually dull or apathetic.
  • Serving ourselves.
  • Conflicted and divided…petty…unwelcoming.








It’s like America is spiritually numb.

Here are three requests:

  1. Pray. Simply pray. For our churches. Missionaries coming here. The Spirit of God to move.
  2. See the 1000YoungLeader webinar coming this Sunday, January 27. Sign up. Tell a godly, gifted young adult what you see in them. Invite them to register. Raise up some indigenous missionaries of our own!
  3. Support our international training by using this online shopping site. Every purchase helps develop a stronger leader in another country.

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