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Melissa & Nolan’s Story

  • The world has changed.
  • There are 73.4 million millennials. Most are gone from our churches. 1000 Young Leaders seeks to train millennial missionaries to their own generation.
  • A vibrant 2030 church will see the baptized people of God owning the mission of God and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.

You’ll like this 1000YL story.

Meet Melissa and Nolan in South Florida. They started to observe the people God was placing in their lives. They began to pay attention to the neighbors in their apartment complex. (Where they “live,” of live, work and play.) They kept crossing paths with John, a 65-year-old neighbor. They started pausing. Started conversations. Helped him with his groceries.

John reciprocated. He invited Nolan in to talk. Over time they learned John’s story.

  • No spouse.
  • Strained relationships with his grown children.
  • Meals alone.

And John loved to cook!

An invitation… then invitations to dinner.

Meals back and forth. A fast friendship developed among the three.

John’s story included being no fan of church, which he expressed in harsh, colorful words. (He would be one of the 75% of Americans.) No fan of God either! IF God existed. His own life and failed health proved God could not be trusted. He definitely didn’t care.

John’s story took an abrupt turn shortly after they became friends. The diagnosis most likely was cancer. Before leaving for tests and treatments in Texas, Mel and Nolan took the risk!

“John, could we pray over you?”

John surprised them. “Yes!”

“God, hear our prayer for John. Heal him from his cancer, if he has cancer. Take care of him…”

John called later from Texas.

“Tests complete. No cancer!”

John credited God…and Mel and Nolan’s prayer!

“Thank you. And thank you for being my friend!”

John texted later! Still in Texas.

…Hey there, I know that we’ve only known one another for a short time, but it feels like it has been forever and I am so glad that God has attached us to each other as great friends, and no matter what the outcome my medical life will bring, I will always have the best thoughts of both of you in my heart, mind, and soul. Call me when you get back from your vacation!

Mel and Nolan were “good news” to their new friend John. Slowly bringing Good News!

The story isn’t finished yet. They have a genuine friendship. Each values the other. John now has Bible verses in view in his apartment that were never there before.

It all continues.

Mel and Nolan seek to be missionaries where they live, work and play.

Simple, God-following steps into the vast mission field of 75% of Americans.

Three questions for you:

  1. What would happen if you identified two or ten in their 20s to mid-30s for 1000 Young Leaders to boost the culture in your congregation forward? Contact the team if you want to know more.
  2. What if YOU started to lead a small group of folks to start to live like Mel and Nolan where each of you live, work and play using BLESS? You’ll excitedly meet God working in fascinating ways that will fill your tired soul.
  3. Who else can you encourage by sharing this story with them?

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