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To The Little Known Leader

Most ministry leaders are little known outside their local setting.

Their fame is not widely traveled.

Their stature is the product of wise decisions and godly behavior.

They lead with character. They live with hope.

They set their sights on what needs to get done…even when it’s difficult.

No excuses! Just simple resolve.

And the Gospel would pour into pockets and places around us that struggle in its absence. Click To Tweet

They shake hands with discouragement from time to time.

They have an ear tuned to the prompting of the Spirit.

They forgive and they remember that they’re forgiven.

They dismiss celebrity.

They still champion the living out of the Mission of God when most do not.

Simply put, they are important but little known outside their local context.

Lots of churches are blessed with a sprinkle of this type of leader.

I’m going to guess that you might be this type of leader yourself. If I’m right, thanks… Seriously, thanks!

So, what if…

  • The “little knowns” learned to invest themselves in several others?
  • The “little knowns” were trained to do it with new hope and new courage?
  • The multiplication of “little knowns” changed the mission landscape of lots of churches?

Our collective past has signaled:

  • It’s the crowds that count.
  • Crowds can lead to becoming “better knowns.”
  • Addition adds to crowds! The significance of multiplication is often overlooked. Its product is perceived as too slow!

Nothing wrong with large crowds, right? They’re a cause for celebration, right? PLI is being blessed with large numbers!

…It’s just that lots of “little knowns” are dismissing the discipling leverage that results in surprising significance!

The future of the church in the United States hinges on lots of “little knowns” who can “hear these words of mine and put them into practice” (Matthew 7:24) in their communities and congregations. Congregations large and small.

This simple tilt would result in breakthroughs for congregations that seldom celebrate the movement of God.

And the Gospel would pour into pockets and places around us that struggle in its absence.

It’s simple!

Jesus offered a simple invitation: “Come, follow me,” to some “little known” fishermen (Mark 1:17).

It’s simple…just not easy. And there are no shortcuts, either.

Jock Ficken
Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

7 Responses

  1. Dan Prugh says:

    Powerful message, Thank you Jock!

  2. Ben Roberts says:

    Thanks for this, Jock! More and more the mission of the church will be in private, missional, incarnational ways and not just public, attractional, institutional ways. Amen for this post!

  3. I love this Jock- like what you’re teaching us at PLI, to focus on the little known ways to live missionally, but with “new hope and new courage.” Thank you.

  4. Constance says:

    thanks for this Jock! always good to be reminded about where the real work is being done….

  5. William C. Heller Jr. says:

    I have been praying about God using me to help other people better understand how God will use them. Iam one of those unknown. This is alright with me because when I am in a humble state of heart and mind I must rely on the voice of the Spirit of God to tell me what I must speak.
    In the past 37 years I have experienced so many wonderful works of God in my life. Remakable true stories of how God can will work through the unknowns while winning souls over to His Kingdom. Right now my focus is to attend Reliant Church. This is where God is leading me. I hope and pray I may be of some help. We can use the unknowns (desciples) in outreach.

  6. Jeff Wuertz says:

    It’s been said, “Don’t do GREAT things for God; do THINGS for a GREAT God!” Thanks for the reminder, Jock!

  7. Jeff Wuertz says:

    It’s been said, “Don’t do GREAT things for God; do THINGS for a GREAT God!” Thanks for the reminder, Jock!

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