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Letting Go of the Single Voice to Reach the Many

Many of you know that I grew up in suburban Washington, D.C. Our neighbors changed based on who was ushered in by the most recent presidential election. To say that “I work for the government” was oftentimes code for CIA or FBI, or someone who wanted to appear important or mysterious.

As a child I remember attending the reformation service at the National Cathedral. We sat toward the back of the crowd. My sister was a soloist. And at the appointed time a single, articulate—I’m sure important—voice delivered the message that through Jesus we were saved. It was by grace through faith and not by works. 

There’s a fascination with the singular voice uniquely gifted to speak to the least…the lost…the lonely.

Billy Graham! Luis Palau! Pick your own. That voice can invite a lost and condemned world to the foot of the cross.

But what if the “solo voice from the front” is not going to reach the many people who are far from God and who won’t be coming inside our churches to hear it? To them, church buildings are curious, unfamiliar and to be avoided.

What if our future for reaching people in their neighborhoods and places of work is found in the 10’s and 100’s and 1000’s of voices capable and competent of representing Jesus in their relationships?

Women and men. Young and old. Introvert and extrovert. 

As long as we’re slow to admit our reality, we will be slow to adapt and invest. 

3 things:

  1. No one is ready to use their voice by just being told they should. Jesus discipled before he sent.
  2. Can I just say? There’s a lot of good, godly women that have so much to offer here who need to step forward too!
  3. PLI now has two fully online offerings that can help train disciples to use their voice. 1000 Young Leaders and the new Not So Young Leaders for everyone not that young. 

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