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“Let Down Monday”…and a Genesis Leader Webinar that Could Help

I’m a pastor, a leader. 

For 25 years, I was a pastor-leader. (It never fully occurred to me that I, with our team, shepherded an entire generation in that congregation into heaven over those years until Gail mentioned it!)

But, for more than a few of those 25 years, I suffered from “let down Monday.” Monday! Depressed. Disappointed. A bit defeated.

The natural culprits:

  • Attendance wasn’t as good as I thought it should have been, no matter how good it was.
  • The preacher (me!) not as inspiring as he wanted to be.
  • The nagging comment…always the one unhappy customer…that trumped the bunches and bunches of gracious and affirming words. 

But my chronic culprit for “Let Down Monday”…

As much as I had preached that our people make the pivot as an ambassador of Good News from sanctuary to where they worked and where they lived, it just didn’t happen very much. The blog last week can explain the gap.

It’s an enormous leadership challenge, not just a preaching challenge.

So, I’m not the first. And you’re not the last…

…to wish, to tell, to challenge, to Gospel-motivate, to connect people to their calling in the Great Commission and to embrace their places of work or their neighborhoods as representatives of Jesus.

So, I may be your best friend. (Or, maybe not!?) 

We have a Genesis Leader webinar coming up in a few days that will give you lots of help.

Want to hear more about PLI’s new companion organization, Multipli and it’s first offering Genesis Leader? We invite you to a webinar to get inspired, learn more and get your questions answered! Pick the date that works best for you: Tuesday, September 28, from 12-12:45 pm CDT or Thursday, October 7, from 12-12:45 pm CDT. Use this Zoom link to join us, and RSVP to Nate Guelzow.

We also invite you to watch this short testimony from a couple in California that piloted Genesis Leader this last year. (The next cohort starts November 7.) Once you match voices and faces, close your eyes and imagine 10 or 15 people in your own congregation this time next year sharing their own stories. Do you think that would start to change your “Let Down Monday?”

Imagine neighborhoods around you with those 10 or 15 folks who are cultivating relationships. Praying for people that are becoming friends. Building trust. Being ready to give the reason for the hope that is within them! And, experiencing excitement and joy in ways that have eluded them for years.

Here’s more information about our companion ministry Mulitpli and Genesis Leader.

You see, much of the frustration we feel doesn’t have to be! And much of the disappointment congregation members experience doesn’t have to be. What if a growing number of your folks became grace-filled, confident, fearless, impact makers?

So, why not make a quick list of those 10 or 15 folks and forward this blog to them and simply tell them why you thought of them. And invite them to check out the webinar?

It might be an answer to your “Let Down Monday.”

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