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Lessons for the Church…from the Geese

Did you ever think you’d be getting leadership lessons from geese?

“Geese in the rear of the formation honk to encourage those up front to up their speed. It is important that honking from behind be seen as encouraging. Otherwise, it is just—well—honking.”

Dr. Robert McNeish

Here are three thoughts:

Thought #1— Leadership got decidedly more difficult in March. There’s been lots of honking since March…and uncertainty! In difficult and uncertain times people—churches—need leaders like you. Thank you!

Thought #2—It’s good to revisit your purpose as a congregation. To revisit your own clarity of gifting and calling that you possibly identified in Leadership Essentials. Otherwise, you’ll mistake activity for accomplishment, and you’ll be exhausted with nothing to show for it.

Thought #3—1,000 Young Leaders is showing lots of hopeful signs! You’ll be encouraged as this tribe continues to grow in numbers and impact! Lots of “honking” in this community of young adults to “up their speed.” You can nominate a young adult… And then tell them why you nominated them.

3 Recommendations

  1. Four new PLI learning communities launch this fall…one as early as next week. I think you would benefit from being in community with other leaders, resetting your “activity to accomplishment” meter. Raechel can discuss best options for you. All 15 global learning communities are temporarily online, which reduces the cost of travel, lodging and meals to $0!
  2. Our friend, Russ Bredholdt, has written about 5 leadership lessons from geese. Scroll to the bottom of his blog and take a quick look.
  3. Dr. Jim Galvin, PLI Senior Leader instructor, has written a great book on board governance. Get a copy of Maximizing Board Effectiveness. Read Todd Moritz’s book review.



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