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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


Life is better connected. Connect with others to experience life-giving community and build authentic relationships. We have several learning communities. Find the best fit for you.


We provide a number of resources and materials to educate both our participants and the general public on effective leadership principles.


Interested in how PLI can impact your ministry? We'd love to get to know you and learn how we can empower your ministry.

PLI’s International Impact

PLI seeks to create vibrant communities of faith around the world by providing pastors, spouses, and church leaders with training and investing in missional leadership, allowing them to form deeper connections with non-believers that result in wider influence with the Gospel in their communities and cultures. We inspire church leaders to create indigenous models of leadership development for the purpose of multiplying missional leaders, churches, and missional movements within their countries.

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Read what Christian leaders around the world have to say about the PLI Experience:


“I have learned how to make disciples so they can live on mission.”

Participant, Brazil


“The training of PLI is great and it is bringing a spiritual explosion in our minds and our hearts. It is totally new ideas, inspiring and life-giving. With PLI, our lives and ministries will not be the same. I went through many trainings but this one is unique and life transforming. I heard a testimony of one of the women leaders saying the same. ‘One thing I understood with PLI is that before transforming others you must be transformed first. It all starts by ME and YOU before reaching others. A leader must be able to lead himself before leading others.’”

Rev. Peter Claver, Network Leader, Burundi

Central Asia

“PLI has helped our church body to become healthy and grow through the discipleship training we have received and the encouragement PLI gives.”

Denominational Leader, Central Asia


“PLI is one of the most important and needed ministries for our church body today.”

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, Ethiopia

Hong Kong

“Leadership that comes from above helps you have patience in difficulties.”

Participant, Hong Kong


“I have learned not to be afraid to do the work of God because it is the vision of Christ.”

Participant, Indonesia


“I learned that leading others is not the work of one person. It is a work of sharing. Leadership is sharing. It is only when all of God’s people are involved in the mission that we will be able to attain the goal.”

Participant, Latvia


“United in the mission, we hasten the kingdom of God to spread.”

Participant, Liberia


“Because of PLI:
We came to know the importance of spiritual leadership.
We learned how to build a strong marriage and family.
We learned that a spiritual leader needs to have good character, competence and clarity to be able to lead people in God’s mission and to be as living examples of the mission.
– As for leaders, we need to see the mission, live the mission, lead the mission.”

Key Network Leader, Myanmar

Papua New Guinea

“Before this teaching from PLI, I had very much believed that disciple-making was only the job of the pastor and not that of the lay members. But after this PLI teaching, I know and believe that God also wants me and my wife and all lay members to join with the pastor in making disciples of others.”

Araba and Elizabeth Saia, Papua New Guinea


“Our churches are not to be aquariums, and God’s people are not to be living in an aquarium. Our churches and God’s people are a River of Life (Ezekiel 47) that are to be flowing freely into the world to bring Christ and His life to others.”

Valery and Natalia Antipov, Russia

Southeast Asia

“We thank every leader from different parts of our country for being here. You have absolutely no clue what God is going to do through these PLI meetings. I sense in my spirit that the Lord is going to do something powerful. He’s going to bring changes and transformation in the lives of millions here in our nation. And God will use each and every one of you to impact and transform people’s lives.”

Network Leader, Southeast Asia


“The training was very successful and the participants agreed positively to work on Leading Change for the Sake of the Mission. Further focus will be given on planting new churches and developing entrepreneurial skills, and also that special training should be arranged for the church elders and other church leaders on a local level.”

Dr. Isaac Kissiri Laiser, West Central Diocese, Tanzania

Hear more from Pastor Pallangyo on PLI’s missional impact in Tanzania.

Rev. Dr. Mono shares his experience learning how to disciple others alongside fellow pastors.


“The training has encouraged me to bring non-Christians to Christ.”

Participant, Uganda