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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


Life is better connected. Connect with others to experience life-giving community and build authentic relationships. We have several learning communities. Find the best fit for you.


We provide a number of resources and materials to educate both our participants and the general public on effective leadership principles.


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Join us in Giving Thanks

Last week I announced that my gifted wife, partner and Executive Co-Leader of PLI will lead Multipli full time effective March 31, allowing her to give her full attention to further developing the mission training of the people of God.

The PLI board, in gratitude to Gail’s leadership in PLI, would like to ask you to:

  • Share your own blessing, story or encouragement to Gail by posting a video and or message here:
  • Join so many others in the PLI and Multipli family in making a tribute gift to Gail that will help lay more of the fundamental building blocks of Multipli’s absolutely transformational leadership training of people inside and outside of our congregations. 

It should be noted that Multipli is a separate non-profit. It was formally incorporated in winter 2021 and received its 501c3 late in 2021.

It should also be noted that Multipli has designed its biblical training across church bodies and denominations.

You see, most good, godly people have only been trained to advance a spiritual conversation with a “why don’t you come to my church” when every self-respecting unbeliever has no plans to darken the doors of any of our churches.

And Gail and Multipli have declared: 

That’s not fair! And it doesn’t need to be that way!

To be honest, the church in the United States has a very narrow window to help its people intentionally build relationships with people outside the faith and equip them with the strength of faith and character and a few simple tools to do something more than a “come to my church” that’s met with a usually polite “I don’t think I’m interested.”

Multipli understands this, and offers the tools, training and confidence to overcome the roadblocks so that people can share Jesus. And Multipli is there every step of the way!

While it’s my desire that the entire PLI family lays a hand of sending blessing upon Gail—and the gifted team around her—it’s also intended to be a whispered prayer of PLI gratitude as well!

  • Gail believed in a vibrant future for PLI when many of its critics thought it was done.
  • Gail celebrated and counted with gratitude at PLI’s 20th anniversary that it had trained 3,000 leaders across the country and around the world! And then she began to sense the prompting for a vision of training 30,000 leaders in only the next 10 years.
  • Gail saw the need for churches to pivot from recruiting volunteers for the mission of God to discipling people to become leaders (with deep character and faith and tools and vision) for the mission of God.
  • Gail has been a wise visionary and partner in the formation of a training of young millennials to reach their own generation through 1,000 Young Leaders.

We give thanks to God for the ways He has worked in and through Gail! Will you join us in thanking her? Remember to share your own blessing, story or encouragement here:

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