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Is it Safe? Is it Smart?

Recognize it or not, you probably filter almost every action, initiative, decision, adaptation, plan, or program through two questions:

Is it safe?

Is it smart? 

Now, whether you realize it or not, the folks you lead have the same filter going on every time you stand up and point to a direction, paint a future picture, or propose a change…big or small. If you could see little thought bubbles above member heads you’d see:

Is it safe?

Is it smart?

So, for the most part, our collective experience has been to answer the question: No, it’s not safe. And, since it’s not safe, we answer the second question with: It’s not smart.

The problem is that none of us are asking: “What is it that God is calling us to do? To be about?”   

Everyone is convinced that we can’t just “stay here” and keep doing what we were doing two years ago… but its risky to even imagine what’s beyond here. Let’s be honest, we’ve all risked a lot the last two years.

Last week, the interview with Debbie Teike painted a picture of how relationships could be restored in our congregations and how we can learn to engage each other around sometimes difficult topics.

As noted last week, so many leaders are exhausted. Tired. Isolated. Fearful. And all with good reason, right?

All of this while everything accelerates. The amount of change that used to occur in a generation now transpires every 18 months.

All of this while many churches are acknowledging that old measures really weren’t illustrating congregational health and well being.

Here’s the big “Is it safe? Is it smart?” question: What if, in this new season, God seeks to move through leaders who make equipping others their first priority?

What if your leadership “default” was not any of the things it used to be, but going forward the greatest mark of your fruitfulness was equipping others as your first priority?

I’m almost sure that for you, that’s not safe…even if it might be smart.

So, let’s simply ask the question today and think about it another day. And, if you haven’t already, point a few of your people to the Art of Invitation website and see if it stirs their hearts!

FYI .. Leadership Essentials starts in Chicago in a few weeks, with a large group signed up! And last week we finished the first immersion of a first-time learning community in Paraguay!

Thanks for praying. Thanks for leading. Thanks for being a part of the PLI family.

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