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Introducing Multipli

PLI family, you are the first to know!

As the President/Founder, I am pleased to announce the start of Multipli, a companion organization of PLI.

In PLI’s 20 year history, it has trained 3,000 leaders–mostly pastors and their spouses–in the United States and around the globe. Thanks be to God that PLI has never been stronger and more focused than it is now!

Today, I am so very pleased to announce our new collective vision to train 30,000 leaders to start 30,000 new evangelistic communities. 

Watch this video:

If you’re a pastor or congregational leader, you already know:

  • The mounting pressures and the burden you feel
  • The rush for the “quick fix,” the “easy” answer to whatever the ailment
  • The over-promised/under-delivered “solution” that fans the sense of disappointment and cynicism

For the most part, we’ve left the people of God overlooked, thinking themselves unlikely to play a key role in God’s mission in their neighborhoods or where they work. In the meantime, the mission of God increasingly migrates away from our church buildings and awaits the people of God in their neighborhoods and places of recreation and work.

This fundamental pivot is urgent!

And for that, we’ve tried to inspire, but for the most part we’ve found it difficult to model and more difficult to train people in some of the most fundamental rhythms and skills.

So, PLI and Multipli are companion organizations. You’ll see us collaborate on a number of projects. You’ll see us build on each other’s strengths. 

Over time you’ll see Multipli provide five different levels of training for the people of God. And, it all starts with Genesis leader.

  • 9 months
  • Fully online, weekly teaching
  • Weekly coaching huddle for encouragement and training. It’s transformative!
  • Simple, practical practices for weekly experiences

It was exciting to see last year’s pioneers, who I referenced in the video. We watched them: 

  • Gaining energy
  • Inspiring each other
  • Learning memorable tools
  • Practicing life-changing activities
  • Simplifying everything…
    • Life
    • Story
    • Priorities
  • Sharing the Good News of Jesus
  • And… a new believer was baptized!

Here’s what I’d like you to do as a part of this announcement!

  1. Help with the announcement! Forward this to a dozen of your leaders and mission-minded people. Allocate some dollars from the budget.
  2. Go to the website 
  3. Send me an email. Let me know your thoughts or questions.
  4. Register for Genesis leader OR recommend some of the folks you sent this to.

The future at your church will be different from the past. But I will pledge to you that Multipli will help you invest in a bright, mission-focused future.

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