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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


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Inside the Minds of Godly Young Adults

I have 4 things I’d like to share with you today! And be sure to see the pictures below of some of the leaders who attended the St. Louis D2MC immersion last week.

Multipli & Genesis Leader

Multipli, our companion ministry, is launching Genesis Leader to train the people of God so anyone can encounter the Good News of Jesus. One pastor said: “The people I have in mind have always been looking for this but didn’t know they were looking for it.” Send Nate Guelzow an email to RSVP for the webinar on Thursday, October 7, from 12-12:45 pm CDT, to learn more! And if you haven’t yet, watch this video for an introduction to Multipli.

Return to In-Person Learning Communities

Fall learning communities kicked off in person in St. Louis last week. Discipleship to Missional Community returns in person in D.C. this week. See the pictures below of some of the leaders.

Virtual D2MC

A virtual offering of D2MC is starting November 4. You may want to consider attending yourself or with some others. If you’re curious about D2MC but feel uncertain, then join us for the first immersion to take a Closer Look at what D2MC is all about. For $100 a person, experience an immersion so you can see first hand what D2MC is all about. Raechel can help with questions. The virtual offering seems to attract:

  1. Larger D2MC churches looking to send another team of leaders and grow the impact.
  2. The folks who say: It’s too difficult to get leaders to take personal time from work to travel to the East Coast or to Texas next year.
  3. The crowd that thinks: I’m not quite sure if this is the right investment or if we’re ready to take on the challenge.
  4. The pioneering types! They see that God is up to something and know we need to remember what we’ve forgotten from centuries ago. 
  5. The empathetic types! “6 churches closed in our district already this year. We have to give them new tools that can change lives.”

1,000 Young Leaders

Phil Klopke, Co-Director of 1,000 Young Leaders, and I met with 1,000 Young Leader participants and those thinking about being participants in Wisconsin last week. What a difference, before and after!

These are gifted, thoughtful, godly young women and men. Spend some time with any of them and you’ll be encouraged. But there seems to be a common thread and here it is:

1 – They feel left on an island by themselves. There aren’t a lot of other young followers of Christ to grow with.

2 – They sense a calling to do something…somehow. But they’re not sure where to start. They see a dark world and want somehow to make a difference.

I had this inkling inside of me. There was this fire brewing in me but I had no idea what to do or where to go with it. My dad took me out to breakfast a year ago. He was ready. “I think you should do 1,000 Young Leaders. “ He was ready with information… print outs! I didn’t have a chance! I’m a different person today. I have clarity. I’m on fire.

1,000 Young Leaders participant

3 – The sad thing? It just doesn’t need to be this way. They shouldn’t have to have it all figured out and they shouldn’t have to do it alone without peers their age.

4 – Most of us, to be honest, know what it’s like to not have someone help us with big questions.

5 – The participants talked about the power of the simple weekly rhythm of “teach it – train it – try it” modeled in the fully online training. They talked about the power of community together.

6 – They talked about discovering who you are. Having friends and growing together. Having an impact in their neighborhoods or congregations.

7 – They talked about the resilience they experienced from being fearless, confident, impact makers in ways that would prompt you to be 27 all over again and sign up yourself! It was amazing. 

Before 1,000 Young Leaders I was busy. Just busy. Church. Elsewhere. 1,000 Young Leaders helped me clarify my purpose, my gifts. Gave me a focus on the mission of God and starting community. I’m doing less. Having more fun. Living on purpose. We’re hosting our first block party to start reaching our neighborhood. 

1,000 Young Leaders participant

After hearing “before 1,000 Young Leaders” and “after 1,000 Young Leaders,” I encourage you to point a couple young people toward this November 1 start

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