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If not you, then who?

You’ve read our 2030 reality for the established church! (here and here). You’ve considered our snapshot of a vibrant 2030 church that has emerged! You’ve done well. It was not easy reading the last few months.

We have some easier reflection and review today. A bit of a break. We’ll go back to where we started next week.

We are highly…highly…optimistic regarding the vibrant 2030 church that has emerged.

The future of the status quo? Not optimistic!

Are there exceptions? Certainly. Wonderful exceptions!

And, of course, no secret here! We are strong believers in you! Those occupying the leadership seat in your congregation, and those believers in the group of women and men around the leadership table with you. You’re incapable of making this jump alone. (Messy! Isn’t it?) We believe that together you can agree and disagree…repent and pray… risk and try… stumble and fall… experiment and celebrate… on your way to a vibrant 2030 church that has emerged… that looks quite different. That’s a blessing for generations that follow. 

Don’t discount your own role! If not you, then who? 

This is a decision to be made around your own congregational leadership table. (And tens of thousands of leadership tables just like yours.) You can’t delegate it to someone, somewhere  that should do something. 

God, we believe, has entrusted this to you. His baptized people.

And to varying degrees, you’re caught in two different worlds: maintaining and leading what exists today, and beginning to invest in a 2030 vibrant church. It’s not easy! 

We believe that the door to a vibrant 2030 church swings first and foremost on the hinge of relational discipleship. Jesus said: Go and make disciples. And, it’s easy for leaders to get busy doing everything else.

Overwhelmed? Start here: Discipleship to Missional Community.

And, if you haven’t invited the rest of the board, group, team, onto the journey, it’s not too late. Introduce them now.

Here’s our picture of what the vibrant 2030 church that has emerged looks like:

So, let us guess! You don’t agree with everything! That’s OK. Maybe…

  • Today’s church a shadow in 2030? It’s not that urgent? Not until 2035?
  • Can’t imagine full-time paid pastors not shepherding the congregational landscape?
  • No need to learn from foreign-born leaders and missionaries?

So, at your leadership table:

  • Where do you agree?
  • What can’t you imagine?
  • What action could you start to take January 1?

Here’s what we do know:

  • It’s URGENT!
  • It’s SIMPLE! It starts with discipleship that happens in relationship, not just a classroom. 
  • It’s EXCITING! A hope-filled season of new discovery. 

We’re already seeing it in 1,000 Young Leaders as young women and men with full-time jobs and careers or busy stay-at-home parents are being discipled to simply be missionaries where they live, work, and play. They’re infusing hope and inspiring adventure.

But, it’s not “young leaders” only. It’s folks in their 50’s and 60’s and 70’s unwilling to watch their church erode and one day “wish they would have done something.” 

Next week? We’ll go back to where we started!

Thank you! Giving Tuesday invested in the development of gifted women leaders. Your gift makes a difference. Thank you.

Finally, if investing in your future might include developing some executive leadership skills for directing multiple staff, development or an effective organization, take a closer look at Senior Leader.

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