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Free Church / School Scenario Planning Interactive Webinar

Registration is closed. This Event Has Passed

May 18 – 21 from 11 AM – 1 PM (Central)

Grace and Peace to all our PLI Friends and Family!

Does your ministry to God’s people include a school? If so, PLI and the Institute of Missional Visioning (IMV) are providing a free Scenario Planning interactive webinar just for you.

“How are things going?” This has been a constant question everyone has wrestled with since early March. Your response could be different depending on the hour, day and week. This is certainly a time of challenge and change in the midst of so much uncertainty,

Every ministry has been actively engaged in learning how to effectively navigate the new realities of online worship, caring for members, providing high quality online learning, relationally connecting digitally with young people, etc. It is still too early to begin to measure the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 both long and short term. As church and school leaders, we cannot assume that the virus will be held at bay over the summer and that our schools will reopen and resume normal operations. Our data indicates all schools will be impacted in the fall. Maybe it is a decline in enrollment? Maybe tuition levels need to be changed? Perhaps difficult staffing decisions are needed? Is this just a bad season … or will we need to adjust for years to come?

We want to provide an opportunity for you to plan a calculated response for your ministry so that you can move forward with hope and confidence. But because we don’t know what will happen between now and August, many scenarios should be considered now so you will be ready when the time comes to act with a reasonable amount of confidence. Thus, Scenario Planning.

PLI, in partnership with the Institute for Missional Visioning, is offering a timely webinar on Scenario Planning for Christian ministries with schools.

This free conference will be available for 2 – 4 participants from your ministry on ZOOM over four days May 18 – 21 from 11 AM – 1 PM (Central). Teaching will be provided on three potential COVID-19 economic responses based on 1. A “U” shaped recovery; 2. A Nike Swoosh recovery or 3. A “W” recovery. Dr. Jim Galvin, a nationally recognized consultant and PLI instructor, will be providing important teaching on these scenarios. Each team will be provided time for break out sessions to discuss their potential response and then the full group will share and process ideas so all of us can learn and brainstorm together.

Space is limited, so register today! Graciously sponsored by PLI and IMV, these sessions are offered at no cost to you, but we do ask that your group commit to all four of the two hour sessions.

Your response to this invitation is time sensitive and should include the names and emails for participants. At least two participants from each ministry is required, one being a school leader.

We believe this is a time of great opportunity for the Gospel to shine brightly into the lives of our congregations and schools. May God grant us wisdom, patience and strength to learn and grow strong together.

Your PLI / IMV Team

Dr. Jim Galvin, Consultant and PLI Instructor
Mr. Ken Ellwein, Orange Lutheran High School Executive Director, Retired
Mr. Todd Moritz, Director of Strategy and Donor Engagement, PLI
Dr. Norb Oesch, Executive Director and Founder of PLI and IMV, Retired
Mr. Spencer Peregoy, St. John’s Bakersfield Director of Operations and School Superintendent,

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