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6 Steps to Getting a Compelling Congregational Focus for 2017

By: Jock Ficken

Churches do it differently. Most miss the benefit of doing it at all. So, leaders… if you don’t already have a next year focus, here’s a simple way to discover it together. You’ll be surprised at what results when you leverage the collective energies of the people of God in your congregation around a common … Continue reading

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How’s Your Resiliency Quotient?

By: Jock Ficken

Leadership resilience in congregations today is frequently stretched and in short supply, for both men and women. Leadership demands have always been great. Maybe never more so than now when following the familiar mission maps of yesterday are hopelessly out of date. A simple question: How’s your resiliency quotient right now? Like a lot of … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Disciple Young Leaders

By: Jock Ficken

You may have noticed there aren’t many young leaders in most congregations today. Ain’t many young “anybodies” in most churches these days. We risk the death of the church in the U.S. in a single generation. My heart aches with every congregational leader’s lament: How did this happen? How did we get here? But we … Continue reading

3 Good Reasons Biblical Giving Should NOT be Taught in your Church

By: Jock Ficken

The Reasons We just finished last month or last Spring. “Everyone in our church is already giving as much as they can.” (Uh-huh.) What’s going on in your church isn’t that important and doesn’t deserve funding. Churches with vibrant futures leveraging wider influence are figuring out how to: Share a compelling vision of what God … Continue reading

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Thank You

By: Jock Ficken

I’m prompted to offer a simple word and a simple story. The Word Thanks! Thanks for the sacrifices and risks that you make for the Gospel to be shared with people that don’t live in His grace. Thanks for being faithful. Thanks for serving and leading when it would be easier to comply and coast. … Continue reading

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When leaders stop growing….Organizations start dying.

By: Jock Ficken

It’s an unfortunate truth. Leadership has a short shelf life. Especially in the rapid, discontinuous changes of the last decade or two. Leaders leading with no leadership growth quickly become inhibitors to the ministries they lead. It can happen at 29…39…59! If you’re leading the same way you did back then, you’re leading a diminished … Continue reading

Where is God leading you next?

By: Jock Ficken

I asked a bunch of younger leaders to do the difficult, to challenge some “landing pattern” pastors and spouses and others who have served so well for so long to not squander what might be their largest legacy in helping the Church set sail toward a new season of great mission vibrancy. This “landing pattern” … Continue reading

Landing Pattern

By: Jock Ficken

The United States is the 3rd largest mission field in the world. Here are two realities: Reality 1: The United States is the 3rd largest mission field in the world. Reality 2: Large numbers of pastor-leaders (spouse-leaders and lay-leaders too!) will retire in the next 3…5…7 years. They’re all flying toward a landing pattern transition … Continue reading

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7 Simple Steps to Better Focus as a Leader

By: Jock Ficken

FOCUS. Most leaders don’t focus well. Life just happens. They don’t prioritize. Next year will look a lot like last year. A little better…a little worse.  There’s something inherently evil in most leaders’ minds about being FOCUSED. FOCUS implies… Accountability to themselves. Accountability to others. An expectation that something will actually result. That something should … Continue reading

Discover Your Leadership Sweet Spot

By: Sarah Greiner

    Discover Your Leadership Sweet Spot Three Areas You Need to Explore At PLI we know that when leaders lead out of their own unique gifts, talents and abilities great things happen. Leaders break down isolation and fear in ministry to gain hope and courage to become great leaders. Ministry teams are unleashed, and … Continue reading

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