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Gathering with Young Leaders

1,000 Young Leaders hosted the 4th Annual Gathering in Nashville this summer. Some fun facts:

  • 35 participants, alumni and coaches attended.
  • Someone from each of the 6 cohorts attended.
  • Two people attended who aren’t in a cohort. They came with someone in the Fall 2021 cohort and are considering joining the upcoming Fall 2022 cohort!
  • People came from 12 states including California, Texas, Nebraska, Florida, and quite a few from Wisconsin.

Our leadership journey integrates into our young leaders’ daily lives, but the Annual Gathering in Nashville doesn’t. They took time off from their work, family and plans to be here! They took planes, buses and cars to be here. They had grandparents watch their children so they could be here. They paid for hotel rooms so they could be here. They prayed boldly and trusted God would show up in big ways when they came here.

“The Gathering is a place with high celebration, deeper community, incredible worship, and it provides the necessary fuel for participants to reimagine how they can lead community. For me and Kyrie, it’s our favorite time of the year!”

Phil Klopke, 1,000 Young Leaders co-Director

“We’re taking away knowing that failure does not define you and that you can have the courage to move forward even though you failed.”

Jaimy (and Ryan) Green (from Wisconsin in the Fall 2021 cohort)

The theme for the weekend was “Reimagine.” We heard from several folks in the PLI family and Nashville area who are living missionally and reimagining what community looks like in their context. Leaders were also encouraged to reimagine failure — that it’s not fatal, but for teaching.

“It means a lot to meet people who are in different parts of this journey. Some are beyond where we are and some are before us — and it’s kind of magical to share stories.”

Zoe Jovaag (from Florida in the Fall 2020 cohort – came to Gathering last year too)

The immediate bond between our young leaders is unmatched! 35 people from the past 4 years of our journey got the chance to meet in real life. Some have only seen each other in Zoom boxes and some had yet to cross paths, but they so easily connected, slipped into conversations, opened up, were vulnerable, encouraged and celebrated with each other.

“It’s fun coming back to see everyone we know. It was a big priority to keep our connection with everyone and to also meet everyone else who’s been involved with it and experience the bigger community within 1,000 Young Leaders.”

John Aaron Jovaag (from Florida in the Fall 2020 cohort – came to Gathering last year too)

If you or someone you know someone who would benefit from learning and growing with others, our next 1,000 Young Leaders group starts in November! Recommend a leader, or learn more today! We want to welcome YOU to this family of incredible people!

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  1. NICIMPAYE Pierre Claver says:

    It is amazing to see how young people are ready to lead this generation . We look forward to see a strong church glablly not a weak church . Peter, Burundi

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