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Frequently Asked Questions about 1,000 Young Leaders

Is this specific to a certain denomination?

No, American Christianity is declining in most major church bodies. The vision of 1,000 Young Leaders is to raise up missional leaders to extend the reach of the Gospel across our communities both near and far, breaking down barriers and even crossing denominational lines. We need young Millennial and Gen-Z leaders to create new communities to extend the reach of the Church that can’t be limited by denominational boundaries.

Who’s the right candidate for 1,000 Young Leaders?

This is specifically designed for everyday leaders who want to participate in the mission of God. If you’re a trade worker, student, entrepreneur, artist, urban inventor, nurse, barista, parent or something in between–this is for you. The content is designed to meet your passions that can connect with your context. There is no prerequisite training or degree required, just a heart for being discipled.

Where we fully support and respect the role of church workers, this initiative is for marketplace leaders. If you are a church worker seeking to be discipled, check out PLI’s other learning communities.

What are the ages of people you are looking for?

We are seeking everyday leaders between the ages of 21 – 36.

I’m older or younger than 21-36. Are there any exceptions?

Currently, the 1,000 Young Leader Initiative is specific to this age range. However, we have other options, so reach out to us. Contact Raechel in PLI Connections at or Dave Ficken – North American Director at if you still find yourself drawn to 1000 Young Leaders we’d like to connect you.

Does this mean I have to quit my job?

No! Your journey with 1,000 Young Leaders is intended to work with your current job and life context.

I see it’s encouraged to be on a team with someone else but I’m single. Can I join 1,000 Young Leaders?

Absolutely! We focus on each leader’s unique context. The principles of leadership, discipleship and mission that are taught can be applied to any context. However, we see the biblical significance in being sent out by two. We deeply encourage you to connect with a friend and journey together.

I’m married. Can I join 1,000 Young Leaders? What if my spouse is not interested, but I am all in?

We see the biblical significance in being sent out by two. We deeply encourage couples to participate in this initiative together. If your spouse does not choose to participate we strongly encourage you to participate with a friend and journey together.

If I am looking for another team member, who should I be looking for?

In Scripture, we see teams of two partnering together for exponential saturation of the Gospel.
Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who has the same heartbeat and passion for people coming to know Jesus like you?
  • Who is a natural leader living in the same community as you?
  • Who do you know that builds easy relationships with others and has natural influence?
  • Have a conversation with them about partnering together.

The Journey

What does my participation in 1000 Young Leaders look like? How much time will I need to invest each week?

Your journey in 1000 Young Leaders will last two years and consist of

  • Online learning approximately 20 minute teachings that guide you through the missional practice.
  • Weekly Coaching via 75 minute web based, live video calls, meeting bi-weekly in year two.
  • Practice discipling others, leading missional communities or other Spirit-led ventures for approximately 1 hour a week.
  • The annual celebration in Nashville, TN, where participants meet the larger 1000 Young Leader Family. This is an optional event. Travel and lodging not included.

The Bottom Line

How much is this going to cost?

Reserve your spot with a $100 registration fee per couple/team. 

$50 a month for each individual for 18th months or pay the $900 for total cost. Note: this does not include the $100 registration fee.

I’d like to raise some financial support. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Upon request, the 1,000 Young Leader team can help provide you with fundraising resources and how to use them to help raise awareness and financial support for the exciting new journey you are embarking on!

Are there any grants?

As of right now, 1,000 Young Leaders receives 90% of their funding by generous donors to make it possible for you to be a part of a cohort. Do not let money get in the way of not joining 1,000 Young Leaders. Please reach out to Kyrie or Phil for other ideas and solutions. 

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