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Those Emerging Young Adults have Names

The narrow, rickety bridge to Generation Z is being washed away because we’ve lost their parents! Thanks for spreading the word about 1000 Young Leaders. Gail and I are so pleased to introduce Phil and Kyrie to you as they join in leading 1000 Young Leaders.

Here are two big things!

All those emerging adults that have left the church and/or have checked “None” for religious connection?

1. Each one has a name.

God knows their name. Loves them. Sent His son for them. But you know their names, too. This is personal for most of us. It’s not based on abstract demographic data. They’re our friends. Brother. Sister. Cousin. Son. Daughter. Grandchild. Great-grandchild, etc. We want them to know and believe in Jesus, His life, journey to the cross, suffering, death and resurrection.   We want them to experience the warmth and growth of Christian community around the Word…even if it looks a bit different than we’ve known and valued ourselves. They have names. And it’s personal for us.

2. They have kids…or are having kids.

Again. It’s personal. They’re our grandchildren. Nieces and nephews. Great-grandchildren Again, no Pew Research. No Barna Survey needed. It’s personal. And not only are their children being raised outside the church…but as a result they…

  • Don’t know…haven’t experienced… the stories of the Bible.
  • Don’t know…haven’t experienced…the life, death and resurrection of Jesus!
  • Don’t know…haven’t experienced…Sunday school or church.
  • Don’t know…haven’t experienced…a transcendent God greater than themselves.

And we’re losing whatever narrow, rickety relational bridge to the kids…Generation Z!… of this emerging generation of adults. …because their parents have said “no” to the church and the church has been slow to say “yes” to doing anything about it.

It’s Challenging

After leading a congregation for many years with 100+ years of tradition I know how challenging it can be for a congregation to become something different than it feels like being. Because, this is fundamental shifts in values, and behaviors. Right? Not just the addition of a young adult “something.” And people inside churches don’t easily shift values and behaviors to align themselves with the MIssion of God! I get that. I frequently wanted to raise a surrender flag and simply say: “It’s not fair.” So, maybe you and your leaders can help your church take on its greatest challenge. (PLI is currently training hundreds of leaders to do exactly that!) Or, maybe not. Or, maybe you’ve got someone(s) who possesses the stuff to be one of the 1000YL who can be your own indigenous missionary that God will use to reach someone else’s son or daughter.

So, would you join us?

  • Start seeing this emerging generation as a vast mission field white unto harvest.
  • Start praying for the wonderful, gifted, god-fearing young women and men that can pick up the mantle as indigenous missionaries to their own generation.
  • Start thinking more like a missionary yourself and get ready to get in the game yourself. Here’s the best book I know to get you started

And, fundamentally, truth be told? Some of us fear that we might not share eternity with some of the ones that we love the most. Here’s more about 1000 Young Leaders. Would you pass this along to someone that needs to see this today? Sign up to receive our weekly ENews.

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