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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


Life is better connected. Connect with others to experience life-giving community and build authentic relationships. We have several learning communities. Find the best fit for you.


We provide a number of resources and materials to educate both our participants and the general public on effective leadership principles.


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Don’t Let COVID-19 Control Your Church’s Future

It’s difficult not to! Right? To not let COVID-19 control your church’s future?

We get it. It’s overwhelming. We get bad news coupled with confusing signals. It creates uncertainty. And trying to understand congregational life? We have mixed messages from members. Mixed metrics.

At PLI, just like you, there’s a lot we don’t know but here’s a few things we do know:

  • The Mission of God remains central.
  • New opportunities are presenting themselves everyday as person after person sees their own life not working like they want it to.
  • Developing leaders. Discipling leaders. Multiplying leaders! It’s the hinge that the door to the future hangs on. (Anyone want to plan on a new program uncovering the next secret path to a vibrant future?) 

We’re all being tested in ways we didn’t pencil in to the 2020 calendar. 

So, here’s what we know at PLI:

  • “Not So Young Leaders” (think over the age of 36) will be piloted as planned in a nine-month, fully online training launching in October. Fill out THIS FORM if you’re interested in learning more & we’ll send you information as soon as it becomes available!
  • 1000 Young Leaders will launch its 4th cohort in November in a newly redesigned, fully online format. All signs show that this will fill up early. Contact Phil for more information.
  • All ten learning communities, including 4 new starts, launch on schedule this fall. They will be fully online. (We finished the spring online in the U.S. Since that time we’ve trained in Russia, Central Asia, and Tanzania online this summer.) The learning communities launching in October/November are:

We get that you’re overwhelmed. It’s difficult to make a decision.

Our commitment to you in this COVID season—that looks to stay for a while and threatens to get worse again—is to walk with you. We’ll figure it out on our side how to walk with you. If PLI might have what you need, just stop talking and start deciding. Raechel will answer your questions and help put one thing in the “win” column for you this month.

Know that you are loved.

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