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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


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Discover Your Leadership Sweet Spot


Three Areas You Need to Explore

At PLI we know that when leaders lead out of their own unique gifts, talents and abilities great things happen. Leaders break down isolation and fear in ministry to gain hope and courage to become great leaders. Ministry teams are unleashed, and fruitful kingdom work follows. We call this your leadership sweet spot. Here are the three areas you, as a leader, need to explore and questions you should ask yourself to start to discover your leadership sweet spot.

Know the CORE of who you are

Understand who God has uniquely created you to be so you lead from your unique spiritual gifts and passions.

  •   Describe the significant life events that God has used to shape the way you think and feel about life. What are your big takeaways?
  •   Identify three people who have had a deep impact on your life and leadership. What did they teach you?
  •   List the core beliefs and values on which you are building your life and leadership.  (Helpful tip: It’s only a core value if you consistently live your life by it.)

When you live inconsistently from your CORE you feel guilt and spiritual weakness. When you live and lead consistently from your CORE you feel freedom and spiritual energy.  

Recognize the CAPABILITIES

Know the natural gifts, strengths and talents God has given you to effectively lead others.

  • What are the gifts and strengths you have had from the time you were born?

Three things to consider when answering the question:

  •   Is this something I enjoy doing and gives me energy?
  •   Is this something people tell me I am gifted at?
  •   Is this something I have had repeated success at?

When you live inconsistently with your capabilities you feel anxiety and frustration. When you live consistently with your capabilities you feel confidence and joy.

Define your current CONTEXT

Describe the setting in which God has placed you.

  •   Define your organization. What are the challenges and strengths?
  •   Define the community in which your organization is set. What are the challenges and strengths of the community?

When you live inconsistently with your CONTEXT you feel confusion and disappointment. When you live consistently with your CONTEXT you feel a sense of fruitfulness and peace.

Sweet Spot Leadership brings your answers from each area together giving you a sense of PURPOSE and VISION for your unique ministry.  In PLI’s Leadership Essentials learning community each leader’s unique sweet spot is discovered, defined and celebrated, giving each leader a purpose and vision for their life of leadership.  Break down isolation and fear and gain new hope and courage as you discover and lead from your leadership sweet spot.

Do you desire to lead from your leadership Sweet Spot?

Do you want a clear sense of purpose and vision for your life and ministry?

Discover, define, and celebrate your own unique leadership Sweet Spot when you take part in one of PLI’s Leadership Essentials learning communities.  Contact Raechel today to learn more.

Have a friend? Pass this on so they can discover their leadership sweet spot. They’ll thank you for it!  

*Adapted for PLI from Leadership from Within by Barbara Hoese and John Brusaker of the Inventure Group 2011.

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