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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


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Disciple Me First

Chances are, you’ve been discipled. At some point along your faith journey someone took time to disciple, or pour into you. It probably happened unintentionally in the casual moments of life. Maybe it was the “ask your pastor any question” time in confirmation, conversations in the car with your dad, or at the dinner table with your mom. Deliberate or unintentional, they made an impact on who you are today as a believer in Jesus.

These one-on-one interactions developed your faith, but they likely did not give you a pattern to intentionally disciple other people who could in turn disciple others. Nothing wrong with that. But Jesus said, “Come follow me.”… Do what I do. Then, “Go and make disciples.” Jesus’ disciples were invited to imitate Him, then multiply. As followers of Jesus we are also invited into this imitation then multiplication rhythm. We learn how to be a disciple of Jesus through imitating someone who is a disciple.

So…who’s discipling you?

Disciple men

The transition to becoming a discipling leader begins personally. Do you have a group of likeminded women or men with whom you can find both invitation and challenge in your faith journey? Do you have a place to practice the regular daily rhythm of being a follower of Jesus. Is someone inviting you to imitate their life?

What if you could intentionally be discipled with the outcome that you will then disciple others who will disciple others? That’s the heart of discipleship. That’s multiplication. What would the impact be? How would the culture of your ministry change?

There is no product or program, no shortcuts or quick reads. If you want to build a discipling culture in your context, it starts with you. You need to be discipled.

PLI disciples leaders intentionally for the results of strong followership of Jesus and reproduction…disciples who make disciples who make disciples. This is the heart of PLI’s Discipleship to Missional Community. Connect with Raechel in Connections to learn more and take the first step in multiplying disciples.

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