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Archive for the ‘Young Leaders’ Category

4 Mistakes I Made as a Young Leader

By: Jock Ficken

4 Mistakes I Made as a Young Leader… Or, 4 “Do Overs” I’d like to have back! NOT ANCHORING MY IDENTITY AS A BAPTIZED CHILD OF GOD My identity was too connected to how how well I was performing at work. Numbers were up?… No major conflict?… I was on my game?… Great. Any other … Continue reading

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Impact Through Authenticity

By: Kyrie Klopke

We all desire authenticity, yet it’s hard to find in our culture today AND — dare I say? — even harder to find among Christians or in the church. It’s difficult to share Jesus with your friends or co-workers without coming across as judgmental, hypocritical, or religiously irrelevant. So how do you live an authentic … Continue reading

Exposing Conflicting Values… The 3 Bold Steps of an Adaptive Leader

By: Jock Ficken

We live in a highly secularized culture. Often dismissive. Sometimes hostile. Churches face the choice of adapting or disconnecting from their worlds. The Spirit still works through the Word of God in all manner of contexts. As a result, leaders need to expose conflicting values in our collective hearts if we’re going to take on … Continue reading

1,000 Strong – Guest Blog and Poem

By: Phil Klopke

I’d like to share a blog post and poem my friend, Tanner Olson, wrote for 1,000 Young Leaders. Tanner is a writer, speaker, and spoken word poet. He is the creator of Written to Speak, a project that seeks to spread hope and announce love through written and spoken word. I hope you enjoy it as … Continue reading


Change Is Hard for Me

By: Phil Klopke

Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to make change in your life? I have. The gap between the change I want to see and the actual change I experience is often wide, especially when it’s done in isolation. To experience real, life transforming change in your life you need a community that … Continue reading


The Conspiracy of Silence… The Leader’s Biggest Mistake

By: Jock Ficken

Leaders across the church…not all leaders but plenty of leaders, women and men, denominational officials, pastors, God-fearing leaders…they don’t speak up and define: Here’s our reality. Here’s what this means. Here’s the big challenge in front of us. Maybe because they… “When you put a name on your reality you now have the capacity to … Continue reading

10 Learnings to Lead Change and a Plan for if Next Year is not 1989

By: Jock Ficken

In my early leadership years, Lyle Schaller, a mentor from afar, used to say something like: If next year is 1989, there’s a lot of churches that are primed and ready to go! But if next year is 2019…. 1,000 Young Leaders will deploy missionary disciples from your congregation to help you take on your … Continue reading


5 Ways to Make “THIS is THAT” Work

By: Jock Ficken

Reaching the emerging generation that has left the church is an adaptive challenge. A 74.3 million adaptive challenge! Most congregations don’t “do” adaptive challenge well. They swat them away and then find a scapegoat leader to blame. (Check out Leadership Essentials where we train adaptive leaders.) It’s no secret that PLI is trying to help you … Continue reading

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Lean back. Have a Smile. Watch Kristin and Zach.

By: Jock Ficken

A little lighter fare this week. You read last week in Leadership Between the Rock and The Hard Place Virginia’s question: “Is there a group in Sioux City like that for me?” (Where I can discover with others that God loves me.) If you missed it… click back and read it. So, today… Lean back. … Continue reading

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Leadership Between the Rock and the Hard Place – The 3 Questions to Ask

By: Jock Ficken

The Rock It’s the numbers. Specifically worship attendance and offerings. As if they were an adequate and complete indicator of spiritual growth, discipleship, mission engagement in the community or with young generations…including the “nones.” I value measurements but they’re just incomplete. They insulate churches from the hard “think like a missionary” choices desperately needed that … Continue reading


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