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Archive for the ‘Practical Church’ Category

What do you measure?

By: Jock Ficken

Most churches measure average worship attendance each year. Offerings, too. Easter Sunday…for most the largest Sunday attendance of the year…gives a decided boost to the average. And the Sunday after Easter? For most it’s one of the lowest. An average attendance blow and a discouragement to the leaders who count. Most of us, no matter … Continue reading

5 Ways to Increase Impact and Sustainability by Serving “Outside the Walls”

By: Jock Ficken

Getting outside the church walls to serve and represent the love of Jesus to people around you is a difficult step for many churches and many of us as individuals. I used to see it as an unnecessary drain of volunteer hours desperately needed to man the programs inside our church. And today’s emerging adults … Continue reading

6 Steps to Getting a Compelling Congregational Focus for 2017

By: Jock Ficken

Churches do it differently. Most miss the benefit of doing it at all. So, leaders… if you don’t already have a next year focus, here’s a simple way to discover it together. You’ll be surprised at what results when you leverage the collective energies of the people of God in your congregation around a common … Continue reading

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3 Good Reasons Biblical Giving Should NOT be Taught in your Church

By: Jock Ficken

The Reasons We just finished last month or last Spring. “Everyone in our church is already giving as much as they can.” (Uh-huh.) What’s going on in your church isn’t that important and doesn’t deserve funding. Churches with vibrant futures leveraging wider influence are figuring out how to: Share a compelling vision of what God … Continue reading

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Marriage & Mission

By: Jock Ficken

“We Need Help.” I know that not everyone reading right now is married. You’ll be okay this time. I also know that if you are married and if you are a ministry leader and if your marriage is humming along right now, you are in a distinct minority. Healthy marriage and fruitful ministry can seem … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Gift Planning

By: Jock Ficken

People don’t realize that when they die they can pick two of three places to give their money. They can give it to The Government (taxes) Family Ministry or other charities Which two would you like to designate in your estate plans? Such was the introduction at a congregation that had capitalized on a congregation-wide … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Pastors Don’t Teach People to Give…and 7 Things They Can Do

By: Jock Ficken

Most pastors in most churches don’t teach people a biblical foundation for giving and as a result they harvest what they sow…or what they haven’t sown! (This follows the “broken ministry/business model”  reference a few weeks ago.) I started down this journey by misadventure some years ago myself. I was a new pastor. I had … Continue reading

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