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Archive for the ‘Celebrate’ Category

Thank You

By: Jock Ficken

I’m prompted to offer a simple word and a simple story. The Word Thanks! Thanks for the sacrifices and risks that you make for the Gospel to be shared with people that don’t live in His grace. Thanks for being faithful. Thanks for serving and leading when it would be easier to comply and coast. … Continue reading

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Relationships Lead to Jesus: A Story from China

By: Sarah Greiner

Earlier this month, Scott and Lori Rische, leaders of our international work based in China, were able to baptize their friend Eva. Through her relationship with the Risches and other believers, God cultivated curiosity about Jesus that eventually led Eva to come to faith.   “Lori and I got to know Eva (her English name) … Continue reading



By: Sarah Greiner

Pass this on to a friend who would enjoy celebrating with us.  Please like it and share it on Facebook or Twitter too.  Thankful for you.  Rejoice!  

Why not sneak FUN in the backdoor

By: Jock Ficken

Every high performing team that I’ve ever lead or experienced learned how to: Have FUN together, or Build COMMUNITY together, or CELEBRATE together or Do ALL THREE together, well. Here’s the reality: 80% of American churches are declining. Some are rapidly declining 16% of American churches are growing. 4% of American churches are reproducing… planting churches, adding … Continue reading


The 500 Faces of PLI

By: Gail Ficken

Meet some of the 500 leaders in PLI this year. Several weeks ago, you met some of the babies of PLI! A few more showed up in Chicago last week! This week I’d like to give you a snapshot of the women and men who gathered in our Learning Communities this spring…250 leaders in the … Continue reading

To The Little Known Leader

By: Jock Ficken

Most ministry leaders are little known outside their local setting. Their fame is not widely traveled. Their stature is the product of wise decisions and godly behavior. They lead with character. They live with hope. They set their sights on what needs to get done…even when it’s difficult. No excuses! Just simple resolve. They shake … Continue reading

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Leading Through Disappointment

By: Jock Ficken

Leading Through Disappointment Gail and I are champions for celebration! We believe the church as a whole and leaders in particular wait too long to celebrate. Celebration is a PLI value.  Today, however, I’d like to look at the other side of the coin. Men and women leading in the Mission of God need to … Continue reading

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