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PLI is devoted to empowering leaders for wider influence for the sake of the gospel in their communities and effective leadership in their ministries. Learn more about our vision and process here.


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Are you Flourishing?

[bctt tweet=”“Flourishing happens when ministry is a life-enriching rather than life-depleting experience.”” username=”pliexperience”]

From my perspective the stakes are high! In the next few weeks of summer…

  • New pastors will begin their ministries with anticipation. They will be… life-enriching for some, life-depleting for others.
  • Older pastors will retire. They will have been…life-enriching decades for some, life-depleting for others.
  • Another group? They will quit. Prematurely retire. Change careers. They missed the opportunity to flourish, or never seized the opportunity to flourish. They’re casualties! …of congregations, of an oppositional culture, or too often of themselves. It’s exacted a toll on their souls, their lives, maybe their marriages and families. Mark it a life-depleting experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

  • If pastors don’t flourish, congregations certainly won’t.
  • If marriages and families are not well, pastors won’t be well. Or vice versa.
  • And, if pastors, families, and congregations don’t flourish? The Mission of God will languish…and not flourish!

And a lost world will become increasingly dark and distanced from the grace of God.

The Flourishing in Ministry Project at Notre Dame (, funded by the Lilly Foundation, offers up the fruit of extensive research among clergy. They’ve identified four fundamental dynamics that contribute to clergy flourishing in ministry. All of them are easily in reach for any pastor or leader.


  • IDENTITY – The pastor possesses a clear sense of identity, personally and professionally.
  • ALIGNMENT – Gifts and skills match congregational demands and expectations.
  • COLLEGIALITY – Support, respect and encouragement from fellow clergy.
  • MENTORS – Guidance and coaching through the really difficult seasons and the seasons of transition

So… My perspective? High stakes! LIfe-Enriching or Life-Depleting.

While this leadership conversation is more narrowly targeted toward clergy this week, most all of this possesses a transferable quality no matter your role or relationship.

For the 19-year history of PLI (next year 20 years!), women and men have been blessed by this investment! Identity…Alignment…Collegiality…Mentors …


Plus the “4 More” also included in PLI’s Leadership Essentials 

  • Managing Conflict
  • Discovering Vision
  • Navigating Change
  • Building Mission-Oriented Congregational Teams

Let me encourage you! If it’s time for you to point the compass toward life-enriching and away from life-depleting, contact Raechel today…(don’t keep waiting)… about new learning community starts in Chicago (September) and Houston (March).

Let’s be honest… You might be doing difficult right now… Ministry is challenging!

  • Mega shifts in culture, society or demographics
  • Conflict with members
  • Disappointments, discouragements, doubts, theological disagreements.
  • Loneliness
  • Finances
  • The overwhelming sense that I’ve been trained for a world that no longer exists.
  • The inability to match results (attendance, offerings, programs, participations) with member expectations

So, here’s a simple request!

Of the 4 Characteristics and the 4 More… all core building blocks in Leadership Essentials…

  1. Which one are you doing best? Struggling most?
  2. Who do you know? Your Pastor or Peer…that could use a word of support and encouragement from you right now? Send some Collegiality their way right now!

Thanks! We obviously believe in you, or we wouldn’t do what we do. And the folks that generously support PLI wouldn’t do what they do! Here’s several of our partners and friends that might be helpful to you, too. Check them out.

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