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An Unreached Mission Field

In 2034, for the first time in U.S. history, there will be more Americans over the age of 65 than children under the age of 18. (My friend, Dr. Mike Gibson, tipped me off to this fact.)

So, what if you and your congregation identified it as a “larger than you realized,” unreached mission field? And you took action that is in your reach? (Keep in mind: Anyone over the age of 50 today contributes to this demographic reality.) 

Three obvious notes:

  1. The 2030 church ebook (download the epub or a PDF) paints an optimistic future church. 
  2. Like 1,000 Young Leaders trained to reach their own millennial generation, this mission field means we invest in training leaders, not crafting an updated “over 65 program.” 
  3. We need to look forward, not restore the past! (Think Acts 1:6-8. Are you going to restore the Kingdom to Israel?… No, but you will receive power from the Spirit for a vision to reach the world.) It should be the mission of your church already, right?

You see, as much as we are (and will continue to be!) champions of pastors and pastors’ spouses at PLI, the future for churches will be in their ability to embrace training, investing and sending the people of God into the mission of God.

We have lots of baby boomers in our community who get closer and closer to eternity who need to be reached. I’ve never seen a focus on an older demographic.

Dr. Wally Arp, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Oviedo, FL

There is little or no American cultural devotion toward the church anymore. The American public does not celebrate the existence of your congregation. 

But, we are the Church! We are sent with a mission. And, at its core, is the birth of a baby born in a manger and celebrated by angels, wisemen and shepherds alike. A baby whose life’s work would be crowned at a cross, buried in a grave and resurrected! And before ascending, he would present a vision to reach the world. 

PLI is currently piloting a fully online training for “Not So Young Leaders” that will roll out in 2021. Indicate your interest if you would like more information when it becomes available.

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